Candles on the Cobb with a conscience

Rotary Club of Lyme Regis, the organisers of Candles on the Cobb 2022, take their environmental responsibilities seriously and have teamed up with Exeter based The Recycling Candle Company to ensure the 5,000 tealight candles used for the event will be recycled and not enter landfill or incineration. A big thank you to Richard Hills-Ingyon and the team at The Recycled Candle Company who have offered to collect the used tealights free of charge. They will take the scrap candle wax and holders and recycle it into luxury new candles.

The 5,000 tea light candles are kindly provided by the Quinnell Candle Company which prides itself on only using the very best ingredients and being as environmentally sustainable as possible, using GM free soya wax.

The majority of the plastic beakers which house the tealight candles are ones which have been used at previous Candles on the Cobb and they will be collected and stored for future use.