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  • Candle 1001
    For Mum, Nan, Diane, Gramfer and other family members who are sadly no longer with us. Love Rob & Karen x
  • Candle 1002
    Darling Fliss - you are in my thoughts each and every day and always will be. Chris
  • Candle 1003
    Mum & Dad (Elsie & Joe) - Although it’s many years since you both left our lives we will always remember you both fondly. Chris & Keith
  • Candle 1004
    Mum & Dad (in-law Edna & George) - Fond memories of you both and thank you so much for bringing my darling Fliss into this world. For this alone I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Chris
  • Candle 1005
    In memory of Mum and Dad
  • Candle 1006
    In memory of Mum and Dad
  • Candle 1007
    For Dad. We miss you.
  • Candle 1008
    To Matthew never a day goes by when your not in my thoughts. I love and miss you so much. All my love mum xxx
  • Candle 1009
    Brenda and Graham rogers miss you loads every day love from jan Gemma karl Don and rory steph rich and grandkidsxx
  • Candle 1010
    TO BRENDA AND GRAHAM ROGERS ..MUMAND DAD I MISS YOU SO much I hope your both OK much love jan xxxxx
  • Candle 1011
    Remembering Ray Burgess, much loved dad to Jayne & Helen and taid to Will, Eds, Sam, Ems & Lo Lo xx
  • Candle 1012
    My Darling Dave, you brought love, laughter and joy to our lives and missed so much. Love Mandy xxx
  • Candle 1013
    Dear Dad, you brought love and laughter to the family and we miss you so much! Lots of love from Mandy, Kayleigh, Chloe, Matt, Henry ( your great grandson) xxxxxx
  • Candle 1014
    Miss you mum, I know you loved having fish and chips here and I hope you like the view tonight. Love you mum
  • Candle 1015
    To my lovely dad David Pembroke missing you xxx
  • Candle 1016
    Dear Paul, it’s been 5 years and way too long since we last spoke! Miss you so much as we all do! Lots of love Mandy and all the family xxxxx
  • Candle 1017
    Helen Barrand
  • Candle 1018
    love you Dad xx
  • Candle 1019
    Miss you always Chris, love from your Longburton family xxx
  • Candle 1020
    For Simon Maidment, a much missed Brother, Uncle, Dad and Grandad
  • Candle 1021
    For Shaun, always loved always remembered.💙
  • Candle 1022
    To my amazing Dad, Colin Larcombe, who loved the sea x
  • Candle 1023
    We love you our angel baby. And you’re little sister will always have you with her.
  • Candle 1024
    Rosie’s loved ones
  • Candle 1025
    Phil’s loved ones
  • Candle 1026
    Debby’s loved ones
  • Candle 1053
    Paul Hamlin. Miss you every day Dad. Always in our thoughts. Jane and Solomon
  • Candle 1029
    For Steve. We miss you. I miss your laugh & your endless drive, your very naughty sense of humour. I am glad that we found each other again. I think of you everyday, thank you for everything. Always in my heart, Frostie xxx
  • Candle 1027
    Florence Loughrey. Miss you so much, your flame is eternally burning in my heart. Love Diane xx
  • Candle 1028
    To Rosie, our beautiful young lady, sleep peacefully xxx
  • Candle 1030
    Our darling baby, Theo. Remembered with love always xxx
  • Candle 1031
    For our brother Philip Pyke, you are with us always, love Joanne & Lisa xx
  • Candle 1032
    For our Dad Ray Pyke, always in our hearts, Joanne & Lisa xx
  • Candle 1033
    For Matt Webb, who always smelled so good, miss you, love from Lisa & Anthony xx
  • Candle 1034
    Not a day goes by that I don't miss you all. Nothing could of prepared me for the holes you have left in my heart. I talk to you everyday, I hope you can hear me! I love you all so very much 💗. Until we meet again Grandad, Liz & my beautiful babies.
  • Candle 1035
    In memory of Jane Nickolls still thinking of you,still missing you love Terry&Margie
  • Candle 1036
    For Catherine - a wonderful friend taken too soon x
  • Candle 1037
    For Edwin who loved to come and get on a boat and catch his mackerel, love from Mark, Louise, Alice and Laura xxxx,
  • Candle 1038
    Nanny Paula Murphy, always in our thoughts and hearts x
  • Candle 1039
    For John, rest in peace, love Mark, Joanne, Callum & Luke x
  • Candle 1040
    In loving memory of Cliff and Sheila Lancashire
  • Candle 1041
    In memory of Nanny Beryl, missed by many x
  • Candle 1042
    You are missed Mum
  • Candle 1043
    Nastrowie Tato
  • Candle 1044
    To our beautiful angel Claire. Love mom and dad xxx
  • Candle 1045
    Love Jamie and Chelsea xx
  • Candle 1046
    Granny Lee, forever in my heart, love always, all my love, Jenner x
  • Candle 1047
    Grandad Lee, I miss your hugs, love you always, love Jenner x
  • Candle 1048
    Gran & Grandad - I miss you both so much, you are always in my thoughts. This candle is for you Gran as I know how much you loved being by the sea, and for you Grandad & your love of fishing. All my love, until we meet again. Lammy xx
  • Candle 1049
    In memory of my lovely mum Margaret Denton… love you and miss you mum x
  • Candle 1050
    In loving memory of Rachael Mitchell forever in our hearts
  • Candle 1051
    In loving memory of Rachael Mitchell keep shining bright like you always shined with us x
  • Candle 1052
    In memory of our beloved dad/papa Baz in one of his favourite places. Miss you always. Love you forever ❤️
  • Candle 1054
    Grief will never truly end. It may become softer over time, more gentle and some days feel sharp. But grief will last as long as love does …. forever. For Dad love Hannah
  • Candle 1055
    In memory of Pops ❤️
  • Candle 1056
    Thank you Sue, for being such a good friend. I will never forget you.
  • Candle 1057
    Toujours dans mes pensées
  • Candle 1060
    Cynthia and Cyril Biggs. Always in our hearts, love you both very much xx
  • Candle 1058
    Remembering May Lammas who loved Lyme
  • Candle 1059
    Remembering John Lammas who loved Lyme
  • Candle 1061
    For Dad who always loved Lyme x
  • Candle 1065
    This candle stands in a very special place. Lyme Regis & The Cobb hold so many special memories of childhood holidays. Thank you Dad for making those memories so wonderful. We love and miss you every day. From your 4 loving daughters and family’s
  • Candle 1066
    This candle stands in a very special place. Lyme Regis & The Cobb hold so many special memories of family holidays when we were children. Thank you Mum for those wonderful memories. Love & miss you so much. From your 4 loving daughters & familys
  • Candle 1062
    For my dad Bob Matthews on what would have been his 90th birthday xx
  • Candle 1063
    To our mum, gone but never forgotten. We love you more than anything in the world, from Molly,,Joe and Lauren xxx
  • Candle 1064
    My darling daughter Olivia. Very loved and very missed. Love Mum x
  • Candle 1067
    God bless you Mark Stafford, too soon
  • Candle 1068
    I loved every moment in Lyme with you. I hope you’re in the sun somewhere
  • Candle 1069
    For Davide Giarraputo - Ti voglio bene assai
  • Candle 1070
    To my family and the trails you blazed - Phillips, Holmes, Giarraputo
  • Candle 1071
    Doris and Alf Webber in loving memory
  • Candle 1072
    Audrey and Bob Finn in loving memory
  • Candle 1073
    For a much missed Daddy and Father in Law, sleep tight by the sea Gaggy all our love Rachel and Dietmar xxxxx
  • Candle 1074
    In loving memory of Gary with all my love Liz xxxxx
  • Candle 1075
    Remembering happy times spent with Dad in Lyme Regis love Jo xxxxx
  • Candle 1076
    Remembering all the lovely times at Lyme beach together xx
  • Candle 1077
    In memory of my beautiful Mum ❤️ miss you so much a&f, Sydney my father in law, and stepson Gareth. Gone too soon. Miss you all. Until we meet again. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Candle 1078
    Love you always mum
  • Candle 1079
    Love you always dad
  • Candle 1080
    Stu I miss you so much. My heart aches daily. You’ll never know how much I miss you. Until we meet again. Love you so much xxx
  • Candle 1081
    For Margie and Jeff Galley who loved Lyme
  • Candle 1082
  • Candle 1083
  • Candle 1084
  • Candle 1085
    Light, Love and Peace
  • Candle 1086
    Dad, Thinking of you x
  • Candle 1087
    Grandad, I miss you everyday, love you forever, Max xx
  • Candle 1088
    Grandad, love you all the world, miss you forever, Conor xx
  • Candle 1089
    Wish you were here Chris xx
  • Candle 1090
    Catherine, our memories will stay with me forever xx
  • Candle 1091
    Bob, Love you forever my baby boy xx
  • Candle 1092
    Nana, always missed, forever in our hearts xx
  • Candle 1093
    Grandpa, always missed, forever in our hearts xx
  • Candle 1094
    Miss you always mum
  • Candle 1095
    For our lovely Jane Osman , an amazing wife , caring mum and best Aunty with thoughts of kindness for all you knew . We love and miss you every day . we light this candle for you XXX
  • Candle 1096
    Dear Lee, love and miss you, always and forever xxxx
  • Candle 1097
    Graham Smith. A wonderful dad, grandad and brother who is loved and missed every day.
  • Candle 1098
    Ann and George Smith. The most amazing parents and grandparents. Love you and miss you so much xxxx
  • Candle 1099
    To a very special Dad and Grandpa. We miss you and hope you're spotting lots of planes! x x
  • Candle 1100
    Happy birthday mum, we miss you and we love you xxx
  • Candle 1101
    To our Beautiful Claire, we miss you more every day but you are always in our hearts and our thoughts. Lots of Love from us all xxxxx
  • Candle 1102
    This light shines in loving memory of our mum
  • Candle 1103
    A light to remember our mums beloved dogs
  • Candle 1104
    A candle lit for our mums precious cats
  • Candle 1105
    Remembering Neil Pullinger, a Good Samaritan to all
  • Candle 1106
    Remembering Kenneth & Barbara Pullinger
  • Candle 1107
    Remembering Ron and Olive Pluck
  • Candle 1108
    In Memory of Vi and Arthur Rendell, Great Grandparents to Lotti.
  • Candle 1109
    In Memory of Janet Wood, Mum, Nan and Great Nan of Barrie, Sarah, Lucy and Lotti
  • Candle 1110
    Miss you everyday Mum/Nanny, never far from our thoughts, love you always. Love from Lisa, Jess, Jacob and Oliver xxxx.
  • Candle 1111
    Our Darling Imogen Eve Amesbury - Forever 21 - Remembered Always
  • Candle 1112
    Mum, you'll always be in our thoughts xx
  • Candle 1113
    For all the ones we've lost x
  • Candle 1115
    Mum & Dad I miss you so much x jay x
  • Candle 1116
    Harry our angel 14/5/2016 x 6/7/2016 x nanny grandad & mummy
  • Candle 1117
    Dad / nan & grandad miss you forever x wayne & jay x
  • Candle 1114
    We loved you from your very first heartbeat and always will. Love mummy and daddy xxx
  • Candle 1118
    Love & Miss you always Ber xXx Noelle xXx
  • Candle 1119
    Always in our thoughts Ryan xx John, Noelle, Mammy G xx
  • Candle 1120
    Our grandad and Dad. We miss you, always in our thoughts. Love Tony, Charlotte, Sam, Finley, Freddie and Sassy xxx
  • Candle 1121
    In loving memory of Harry and Hollie
  • Candle 1122
    In loving memory of Millie and Billy
  • Candle 1125
    In memory of Michael who loved Lyme
  • Candle 1123
    Faith-summer mummy’s sleeping princess
  • Candle 1124
    Reggie- Robert mummy’s sleeping prince
  • Candle 1126
    In memory of my Mam, Cathie Harrison. xx
  • Candle 1127
    To all that I have loved and no longer here xx Sharon xx
  • Candle 1128
    Remembering Pam and Vicky aka nanna and nanny. Forever in our hearts xx
  • Candle 1129
    For Patrick Broomham, Son, Brother, Uncle, missed every day. X
  • Candle 1130
    For Uncle Pat Holmes, a Lyme Regis Legend!! X
  • Candle 1131
    For Kesia Blaine, missed so much every day. X
  • Candle 1132
    For Ann Alexander, mum, mother in law, Grannie, Sister, Aunt. She loved the seaside! X
  • Candle 1133
    Missing you everyday Mum lots of Love Sally, Nathan, Noah, Lucas, Ewan and Holly
  • Candle 1134
  • Candle 1135
  • Candle 1136
    Mum, Dad and Sis, miss you terribly, Love John
  • Candle 1138
    Harris - My precious son, always loved with so many special memories. Fly high my darling son until we meet again. Love mum xxx
  • Candle 1139
    For all those known to Axmisnter and Lyme Cancer Support. May they rest in peace.x
  • Candle 1140
    I just miss you, Angela Neal
  • Candle 1141
    Tony. With love from Mum and Dad x
  • Candle 1142
    Miss you dad love Elaine Susie and Jo
  • Candle 1143
    For Sven, brother to Birgitta and Sara
  • Candle 1144
    Loving memories of Sara, because you always loved this place
  • Candle 1145
    In loving memory of our wonderful Mum & Nanny - Jean Clarke. We love & miss you so much but remember all our lovely holidays here in Lyme Regis - precious memories xxxx
  • Candle 1146
    In loving memory of our lovely Dad and Grandad - Peter Clarke. We love and miss you so much but have wonderful memories of all our holidays in Lyme Regis xxxx
  • Candle 1147
    In memory of our Mum Anne Thirlwell who passed away earlier this year,you loved the Cobb where you were brought up,and were loved by everyone who knew you,shine bright mum,you always lit up a room where ever you went love your daughter Suzanne xxx,
  • Candle 1148
    In memory of Stella Mary Freeman, remembering all the happy times we have enjoyed together at Lyme Regis xxx
  • Candle 1149
  • Candle 1150
  • Candle 1151
    Love and miss your more each day. All my love Angie xx
  • Candle 1152
    For Keith Waterson
  • Candle 1153
    “What’s important is not the years in your life but the life in your years.” In loving memory of Joshua, in your short life you left a big footprint on this earth that will never be forgotten. 25/9/2000 - 10/5/2001
  • Candle 1154
    Miss you Tommy, Andrew, Bridget, Boundsy R.I.P
  • Candle 1155
    Mum n Dad Tudor xxxx
  • Candle 1156
    Lighting up our world mum Chalmers x
  • Candle 1157
    I know we can’t be with you now but your safe inside our hearts where your always be xx Your girls Teresa and Mandy
  • Candle 1158
    For Bob Wyatt. The best Husband, Dad and Granddad in the world. We love and miss you.
  • Candle 1159
    For Aileen Greensmith with love, always.
  • Candle 1160
    For Fred and Floss Ferguson, together forever.
  • Candle 1161
    For Nancy Stopps. A loving, caring lady, much missed by her son.
  • Candle 1162
    In loving memory of Peggy and Frank Bowen. You are in our thoughts every day. With love always, Kate (Bowen), Peter, Finlay and Felix Martin, Bermuda xxxx
  • Candle 1163
    In loving memory of Peggy and Frank Bowen. You are in our thoughts every day. With love always, Kate (Bowen), Peter, Finlay and Felix Martin, Bermuda xxxx
  • Candle 1164
    Miss you both more than you can imagine
  • Candle 1165
    Till we meet again, miss you both everyday day.
  • Candle 1166
    For our Mum, Joan, with all our love
  • Candle 1167
    To Murray, I'm so sorry, Big Sis
  • Candle 1168
    To Richard, this wasn't in the plan. Northy
  • Candle 1169
    Thinking of my parents together in heaven
  • Candle 1170
    For my mum & dad gone but forever in my heart x
  • Candle 1171
    Thinking of my grandparents much loved and missed love Evie x
  • Candle 1172
    In loving memory of Adrian Jeffries ‘AJ’ 1987-2020. Taken too soon, never forgotten xx
  • Candle 1173
    Nanny Smith. Happy childhood memories
  • Candle 1174
    Grandad Smith happy days on the beach
  • Candle 1175
    Steve Denslow the last day we spent here
  • Candle 1176
    Douglas Franks. Remember you always xx
  • Candle 1177
    Rose Duckett friendship memories
  • Candle 1178
    Molly and Sid Franks. Days spent at Elm Hayes
  • Candle 1179
    For Nanny Jean with loving thoughts of sunny days and sandcastles xxxxx
  • Candle 1180
    For Grandad Bill, we would have loved to bring you to this special place xxxxx
  • Candle 1181
    For Nanny Clarice, we thank you for the loving memories you made for us here over the years xxxxx
  • Candle 1182
    For Grandad George, forever our hero, we thank you for everything, and especially for being you xxxxx
  • Candle 1183
    My ordinary boy with an extraordinary heart. Always number 1. X
  • Candle 1184
  • Candle 1185
    Phillip & Sylvia Simmons, our Mum, Dad & Grandad. Missing you everyday, love Ian, Elaine, Marilyn & Karl. X
  • Candle 1186
    Dear Mum and Dad (Gill and Bob Savidge,) forever in our thoughts. With love from Jane, Mel and family xx
  • Candle 1187
    Dear Mum and Dad (Marie and Gordon Small,) forever in our thoughts. With love from Jane, Mel and family xx
  • Candle 1188
    Gordon McLennan. Lovely memories of Dad enjoying a stroll around the Cobb 💕
  • Candle 1189
    Mary McLennan. We miss you Mum. Fond memories of all the family fun we had in Lyme xx💕
  • Candle 1190
    In loving memory of Anthony Mills x
  • Candle 1191
    Miss you grandad, would love to of wurzel’d it up wid ee x
  • Candle 1192
    Miss you nanny mossy mops, all the kids would of loved you rice pudding x
  • Candle 1193
    Miss you gran, will never forget your mannerisms and wiping tears as you laugh so much x
  • Candle 1194
    Daddy, As I sit here and whisper I miss you. ❤️
  • Candle 1195
    For you Mum and Dad xxx
  • Candle 1196
    Karen linda walton 26/08/1966-08/06/2022 mum i miss you so very much, always in my thoughts and always in my heart. I will love you forever
  • Candle 1197
    Love you always mum , forever in our hearts. Love candy and kids xxxx .
  • Candle 1198
    In loving memory of 'Great Bob' and his notorious 2 scoops.
  • Candle 1199
    In loving memory of Nanny Gill and her infectious smile.
  • Candle 1200
    In loving memory of Nanny Marie and her quick whit
  • Candle 1201
    In loving memory of Grandad Gordon and his greenhouse full of vegetables we always got to help pick
  • Candle 1202
    Gary Dalley I miss you. You will always be my favourite. You took a piece of my heart with you. I adore you. I miss the conversations we had and your jokes. I miss the plans we had for the future. I feel blessed to of had an uncle as amazing as you x
  • Candle 1203
    For my brother Gary John Dalley . You left us most unexpectedly and the shock we all felt so deeply left a hole in our hearts. You where always there when I needed you as I was for you . It is my belief that you have at last found peace .Love always
  • Candle 1204
    Dearly missed and forever in my thoughts Helen (Sis) snd Robbie (Bruv) ❤️ Love always Nick ❤️ xx
  • Candle 1205
    Thinking of you all that have gone before
  • Candle 1206
    Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you Dad Miss you so much love kirsten (number2)
  • Candle 1207
    For dad , Dave Tucker
  • Candle 1208
    For mum, Bobbie Staite
  • Candle 1209
    For our boy Lenny
  • Candle 1210
    For his best friend Jj
  • Candle 1211
    For Mum
  • Candle 1212
    For Dad
  • Candle 1213
    For Jon
  • Candle 1214
    For Aggie
  • Candle 1215
    To our beautiful daughter xxx Freya, loved you yesterday, love you still,always have always will xxxxxxx
  • Candle 1216
    Miss you Grandad Pig. All my love Lucie x
  • Candle 1217
    Remembering Grandad Bob. Love Lucie x
  • Candle 1218
    Celebrating the life of David
  • Candle 1219
    For my dad always in my heart
  • Candle 1220
    For my grandad always in my heart
  • Candle 1221
    For Yvonne Domela - miss and love you always, Fee & Daisy & Emma xxx
  • Candle 1222
    For Yvonne Domela - Love you forever mum, thanks for being the best xxx
  • Candle 1223
    Nanny Phil, Grandad Geoff, Nanny Mo, Grandad Mo, Nanny Edgar, Grandad Edgar, Grandad Albert & Dor Dor. GBNF xx
  • Candle 1224
    In loving memory always Sam
  • Candle 1225
    In loving memory of my wonder Dad
  • Candle 1226
    In loving memory of Uncle Alan
  • Candle 1227
    GG we miss you so much, but we are so grateful to have had you in our lives. We have great memories of you in Lyme Regis. Love from all of us xxxx
  • Candle 1228
    In Loving Memory of Christopher Crossley
  • Candle 1229
    Alice & Les Hollett miss you both
  • Candle 1230
    Ethel & Bill Harman miss you both
  • Candle 1231
    Ride hard & fast Dad, we miss you! William, Jack & Molly xxx
  • Candle 1232
    In loving memory of so many I have loved and lost - Mum, Dad, John, Brenda, Kev, Jane & Alison. I miss you, Ruth
  • Candle 1233
    In memory of Mum & Dad love from Martin & Kirsty Bond xx
  • Candle 1234
    Dad - love always xXx
  • Candle 1235
    Mum - love always xXx
  • Candle 1236
    Dad(Ron wootton) loved always
  • Candle 1237
    Tom, Jean, Nigel & Hilary. With love
  • Candle 1238
    Des Prendergast. Loved and missed
  • Candle 1239
    For Emma’s family members we have loved and lost
  • Candle 1240
    For Simon’s family members we have loved and lost
  • Candle 1241
    For mum/nana ❤️
  • Candle 1242
    For Gran & Grandad xx
  • Candle 1243
    For Davide & Grandad Antonio xx
  • Candle 1244
    In memory of David Thom x miss you dad x
  • Candle 1245
    In memory of Celia and Peter Noake x miss you mum and dad x
  • Candle 1246
  • Candle 1247
  • Candle 1248
    We miss you so much Connor ❤❤
  • Candle 1249
    Win Harris-Green xxx
  • Candle 1250
    Cliff Harris-Green xxx
  • Candle 1251
    Always loved, forever missed
  • Candle 1252
    Always in our thoughts
  • Candle 1253
    Memories live on
  • Candle 1254
    Still missing you all very much
  • Candle 1255
    Missing you all very much especially your lovely smile Dave
  • Candle 1256
    Martyn we Love and miss you every day, a little light to guide your way xxx
  • Candle 1257
    Tony Draycott - remembering our lovely Dad and Grandad - Sara and the boys xxxx
  • Candle 1258
    Ann church
  • Candle 1259
    Stuart northwood
  • Candle 1260
    In loving memory of Colin Miller. Always in our thoughts. X
  • Candle 1261
    In loving memory of John Catford. Always in our thoughts X
  • Candle 1262
    In memory of John Donovan. A great and kind man whose light will live on in his children & grandchildren xx
  • Candle 1263
    In loving memory of Pamela Pickrell
  • Candle 1264
    In loving memory. Bruno, Maisie and John Gamelin.
  • Candle 1265
    In loving memory of my family.
  • Candle 1266
    Mum, Love you always. Michele x
  • Candle 1267
    Dad, Miss you everyday. Love Michele x
  • Candle 1268
    Miss you lots Dad, love Jeff x
  • Candle 1269
    My Darling Daddy, always alive in my heart ❤️
  • Candle 1270
    My Darling Tony, always alive in my heart ❤️
  • Candle 1271
    Darling Ilse, always alive in our hearts ❤️
  • Candle 1272
    Darling Harry, always alive in our hearts ❤️
  • Candle 1273
    Dad, You may be gone, but you are always with us and in the memories passed on to your grandchildren. Love you O.C X
  • Candle 1274
    In memory of Marion Whitton
  • Candle 1275
    In memory of Kit And Fred Nash
  • Candle 1276
    In memory of a special mum and dad Margaret and Peter Sloley
  • Candle 1277
    Precious memories of a father taken too soon. Miss you, love you, wish I could hug you. Sue XxX
  • Candle 1278
    Miss you dad, never forget you and love you. Paul
  • Candle 1279
    Mike Best. 18/07/1954 - 16/12/2021. You gave us love, kindness and laughter and you will forever live in our hearts. We love you. God bless you. Rest in peace.
  • Candle 1280
    miss you dad (Colin Bird) all my love Michelle xxxxx
  • Candle 1281
    Grandad, you are so missed, so many thing have happened that I wish more than anything you could be a part of. You are always going to the best person in my whole world. Until we meet again. Love you forever, Lou xxx
  • Candle 1282
    In loving memory of Mick Cank, all our love Karen, Maffy, Rach and family xxx
  • Candle 1283
    Gigi, so sadly missed but always loved. With love for Katie, John & Arabella xxx
  • Candle 1284
    For Frank, who passed away 30.11.2021 - sadly missed, God Bless x
  • Candle 1285
    God Bless Dad from your son Lee x - 30.11.2021
  • Candle 1286
    Night Dad love Bev & Gary - 30.11.2021
  • Candle 1287
    Cheers Grandad, Love Joe, Jack & Kerrie xxx - 30.11.2021
  • Candle 1288
    For John, my love
  • Candle 1289
    For our lovely Lucy. We miss you xxx
  • Candle 1290
    I Love you Lucy x x x
  • Candle 1291
    For Lucy Watkins, lighting up our lives and making waves! From Tom, Eva, Lorna & Annie
  • Candle 1292
    I love you Lucy
  • Candle 1293
    The best daughter I could have wished for
  • Candle 1294
    Remembering our many walks along the cobb with ice creams in the sunshine . Miss you Dad, but I know you are now able to rest in peace. All my love 💛🥰💛
  • Candle 1295
    Your not truly gone until your forgotten and you are one unforgettable person. I love you so so much and will miss you for forever. Goodbye xxx
  • Candle 1296
    Happy memories
  • Candle 1297
    Happy memories
  • Candle 1298
    Peter, always in our hearts.
  • Candle 1299
    Betty & Tom, forever grateful
  • Candle 1300
    Always thinking of you, Grandad John. All my love, Carly X
  • Candle 1301
    Remembering dear Bunty 30.06.22
  • Candle 1302
    For Noel Murray
  • Candle 1303
    For Steve Tipper
  • Candle 1304
    Margaret Morton of whom memories will always burn bright
  • Candle 1305
  • Candle 1306
  • Candle 1307
    Peter, Love you always, Pat, Nicola, Roderick, Nancy & grandchildren
  • Candle 1308
    Neil, We miss you, great friend. The Black Dog family
  • Candle 1309
    Dear Mum and Dad - love never dies, forever in our hearts - from your Family xxx
  • Candle 1310
    Always in my thoughts
  • Candle 1311
    Always in my thoughts
  • Candle 1312
    Pat Phillips, mum/nan loved and missed so much.xx
  • Candle 1313
    Ted Phillips, dad/grandad loved and missed so much.xx
  • Candle 1314
    “Sandy Hills, Collecting sea shells and friends along the way “.
  • Candle 1315
    For Oliver Hannaford-George , love Mumma, Mommy , Molly & Benjamin xxxxx
  • Candle 1316
    For Michel Horton , missed and loved alway, Janet and family xxx
  • Candle 1317
    For Brian Ellis, missed and loved always, Love Jean. Xx
  • Candle 1318
    In memory of my husband COLIN who 'lit up my life xx
  • Candle 1319
    Paul miss you every day. Thanks for the good life we had together.
  • Candle 1320
    Always in our hearts never forgotten 💕
  • Candle 1321
    In loving memory of Snowey, Archie, Sid and Annie xx
  • Candle 1322
    Keith Moore. 31 years gone, never forgotten.
  • Candle 1323
    David Wilkins, always missed.
  • Candle 1324
    Mum, Dad, Phil, Eddy, Forever in my thoughts, miss you all terribly ❤️
  • Candle 1325
    Miss you everyday. Always in my heart xx
  • Candle 1326
    ATWAS - Mumzee & Kitty
  • Candle 1327
    Watch my back - Lulie & Mummy
  • Candle 1328
    In memory of our beautiful Granddaughter Jade
  • Candle 1329
    In memory Of our beautiful Granddaughter Jade
  • Candle 1330
    Richard, you are always in my thoughts darling. Sylvie x
  • Candle 1331
    Carole. I love and miss you every day. Mo x
  • Candle 1332
    Molly and Geoff. I hope I am doing you proud in life. Thank you for making me the person I am today.! So sorely missed, but always in my heart. Love Maur
  • Candle 1333
    jade Emily Coles we miss you everyday 11.10.1999-10.05.2022
  • Candle 1334
    Jade Coles i will love you until we meet again Anthony
  • Candle 1335
    Jade Coles we miss you so very much Harry Bella & Logan
  • Candle 1336
    Jade Emily Coles shine bright baby love mum dad & Paige
  • Candle 1337
    A special way to remember my loved ones
  • Candle 1338
    A special way to remember my loved ones
  • Candle 1339
    Miss you so much mum . Love you xx
  • Candle 1340
    In memory of our mother, grandmother and sister Jean Hine who passed peacefully on 22.7.22
  • Candle 1341
    In memory of our mother, grandmother and sister Jean Hine who passed peacefully on 22.7.22. She loved Lyme Regis
  • Candle 1342
    To my Darling David - this is and will remain our special place. Love you more Sue xx
  • Candle 1343
  • Candle 1344
    For Bette Bates, always in our hearts. Love Brian, Lee, Nikita and Isolde x
  • Candle 1345
    For the Best Step Dad and Grandpa xx
  • Candle 1346
    For the most dearest Nannie/Gran you are missed every day xxxx
  • Candle 1347
    Our beautiful boy Caleb, our shining light, always remembered and forever loved. We miss you so much. Sending you kisses, cuddles and all our love, mummy, daddy, Sienna and Roman xxxxx
  • Candle 1348
    Alf wootten - Dad - gone but never forgotten, always loved. Miss you. Mazz xx
  • Candle 1349
    In loving memory of my special friend David Austin
  • Candle 1350
    For my Grandad shining bright up there❤️ John Daniel Donovan
  • Candle 1351
    For our Lola shining brightly up there. We love & miss you always xxx
  • Candle 1352
    Loving memory of my dad - Harry chappell
  • Candle 1353
    In loving memory of my mum - Alex Chappell
  • Candle 1354
    Remembering my granny , Nellie Chappell ( Curtis)
  • Candle 1355
    Remembering my lovely grandad , Henry Chapple
  • Candle 1356
    Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you. Miss you Cassie and Francis. Love Jodie, Rob, Josh, Taylor, Max and Cindy xxx
  • Candle 1357
    Cassie and Francis, Love and miss you so much Love Mum and Keith xx
  • Candle 1358
    Dear Dad and Grampy. We love you and miss you every day. Love Tony, Katherine, Lilia and Issy xx
  • Candle 1359
    In memory of Terry Crispin a dear friend and lovely guy. Missed so much.
  • Candle 1360
    In memory of my mum Thora Vanlint and dad Robert Vanlint. Miss you both. Xx
  • Candle 1361
    Iris Alderman - your laughter and smile forever in our hearts 💕 Fee, Daisy and Emma xx
  • Candle 1362
    Mr P, never forgotten xxxx
  • Candle 1363
    Mum and Aunty Sheila, always in our thoughts xxxx
  • Candle 1364
    For Grandad: many happy memories in this special place which I will cherish forever
  • Candle 1365
    Always in my heart Grandad xxx
  • Candle 1366
    RIP Mum
  • Candle 1367
    RIP Dad
  • Candle 1368
    RIP Gill
  • Candle 1369
    RIP Rebecca
  • Candle 1370
    RIP Joe
  • Candle 1371
    RIP Jean
  • Candle 1372
    RIP Rudi
  • Candle 1373
    RIP Moira
  • Candle 1374
    RIP Sheila
  • Candle 1375
    RIP Rajni
  • Candle 1376
    RIP Enid
  • Candle 1377
    RIP Jean
  • Candle 1378
    RIP Alf
  • Candle 1379
    RIP Asif
  • Candle 1380
    RIP Angela
  • Candle 1381
    RIP Aman
  • Candle 1382
    For my lovely Dad, John Huxtable. Missed so much 10/08/42-01/01/22
  • Candle 1383
    I miss you Gran xx
  • Candle 1384
    I miss you my lovely husband, and best friend xx
  • Candle 1385
    I love you and I miss you xx
  • Candle 1386
    Life might go on but the memories will stay forever xx
  • Candle 1387
    Aunty Mary, you'd have loved this ! Always your Slave Girl x
  • Candle 1388
    Thinking of you and missing you both every single day and hoping you are watching over us all. Love you so much. Eric and Sammy, and Carolyn and Tony xxx
  • Candle 1389
    You didn't get to meet your inlaws & great grand children, but they all know of you by photos & stories. Grandma, Ivy, Tilda & Kingsley are so funny and often talk about you. love Hannah, Dean, Reece, Sam, Ryan, Katie, Beth, Chlo, Meg, Colin.
  • Candle 1390
    Mum & Dad - we all miss you both so much everyday but think & talk of you often. You would be so proud of everyone. Love you always from Eric, Samantha, Matt, Elaine, Steve and Kelly xxxxxx
  • Candle 1391
    Grummy and Grumps - we miss you both everyday but think & talk about you often - we are all settled, happy and know that you are guiding us. Love you so much Ryan, Katie, Meg, Colin, Beth and Chloe xxxxxx
  • Candle 1392
    Months and years pass us by but still you both remain as strong in our hearts. Miss you always. Tony, Carolyn, Sue, Alan and families xx
  • Candle 1393
    Love and miss you so much Lee. No words needed. Love you always and forever. Mum and dad xxx
  • Candle 1394
    Miss you everyday Mum ❤️ Love, Mandy, Kev, Lauren, Logan and Leo
  • Candle 1395
    Wish we’d been able to say goodbye, mis you ❤️ Love, Mandy, Kev, Lauren, Logan and Leo
  • Candle 1396
    Miss you Bro, fly high, love you always, Kev, Mandy, Lauren and the boys
  • Candle 1397
    Miss you Dad, love Kev
  • Candle 1398
    In memory of our parents - Philip and Jackie Evans
  • Candle 1399
    In memory of our parents - Philip and Jackie Evans
  • Candle 1400
    In memory of our parents - Philip and Jackie Evans
  • Candle 1401
    In mMemory of our parents - Philip and Jackie Evans
  • Candle 1402
    Peter Broadley, my Dad, my hero 1942-2022
  • Candle 1403
    Jade Coles miss you every day always and forever from Sarah mace Chloe Danny and sammyxx
  • Candle 1404
    Jade Coles miss you always love Nan and grandad xx
  • Candle 1405
    In memory of P.S. Always thinking of you. Love mummy & daddy x
  • Candle 1406
    Uncle Brian we miss you and your smile so much and know Lyme was a special place for us all. Love always Anita Paul Pat Liam and Sophie xx
  • Candle 1407
    In memory of a much missed friend, Ian Ramage (Nettlecombe)
  • Candle 1408
    In fond memory of our late brother-in-law, Colin Berry of Marshwood - a very congenial companion despite his illness
  • Candle 1409
    To Mum, Shelia Mary in memory with love
  • Candle 1410
    To Dad, Roy David in memory with love
  • Candle 1411
    To Dad, Andreas Christos in memory with love
  • Candle 1412
    To Mum, Mary Hilides with love x
  • Candle 1413
    To Ros Bartlett in memory
  • Candle 1414
    To Anne McCartney in memory
  • Candle 1415
    Our precious Felix. Forever our baby, never to grow, we carry you in our hearts everywhere we go. We love you more than words can say & we miss you more every day. Lots of love forever & always, Mummy, Daddy, Willow & Heston xxxx
  • Candle 1416
    To my beloved Grandma & Our GG. You’re loved & missed beyond measure. Our love always, Melissa, Olly, Willow & Heston xx
  • Candle 1417
    To Mum/Gran/Bear, we love you more than words can say, you’re missed every day. Lots of love from Jane, Andy, Olly, Mel, Willow & Heston xx
  • Candle 1418
    ❤ In loving memory of Mark 'Hawky' Hawkins, forever & for always, your devoted wife Becky xxx ❤
  • Candle 1419
    Miss you Carole xx
  • Candle 1420
    For a special little boy, Lucas. We all love and miss you so much. X
  • Candle 1421
    Loving memories of Roy.
  • Candle 1422
    For Peter Johnson, whom we loved, for he so loved this place. RIP
  • Candle 1423
    For Kitty, much missed Wife, Mum and Nanny
  • Candle 1424
    Simba , GOD BLESS , love you loads forever Dawn x
  • Candle 1425
    Remembering Mum with love, Jean Ford.
  • Candle 1426
    Remembering Dad with love, Gwyn Davies
  • Candle 1427
    Lynn Phillips, Love you mum x
  • Candle 1428
    In memory of mum/ wowey x
  • Candle 1429
    Thinking of you Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad Miss you loads and loads.. love Ali, Emma, Torin, Ethan and Jamie xxxxx
  • Candle 1430
    Mum and dad love you lots
  • Candle 1431
    Paige our ray of sunshine
  • Candle 1432
    Dad, missing you but we’re looking on the bright side of life, forever in our hearts xxx
  • Candle 1433
    Nan and Grandad we love and miss you so much, our memories of Lyme carry on with you always in our hearts. Love always and forever. Mark, Katherine, Jessica and Finnley
  • Candle 1434
    Remembering Tony Farrar. Loving Husband, Dad and Grandpa
  • Candle 1435
    For mum and Dad forever in my heart love Erica xxx
  • Candle 1436
    for Mum and Dad forever in my thoughts love David xxx
  • Candle 1437
    For Dad love Sarah and the boys, For Mum love Peter forever in our thoughts
  • Candle 1438
    In loving memory of Ted and Dot xx
  • Candle 1439
    In loving memory of Joe and Betty xx
  • Candle 1440
    In loving memory of Ron Belk xx He’s always with you Smel xx
  • Candle 1441
    In memory of May and Bob Berry with love
  • Candle 1442
    In memory of May and Bob Berry with love xx
  • Candle 1443
    Remembering our Darling Mum and the lovely times we shared in Lyme. Love Clare, Ady and Lloyd x,
  • Candle 1444
    Mum - Love and miss you always and forever Tony & Jan xx
  • Candle 1445
    Dad - Love and miss you always and forever Tony & Jan xx
  • Candle 1446
    Steve - Love and miss you always and forever Tony & Jan xx
  • Candle 1447
    Dad I know you're here this evening. Love you, Janet & Tony xx
  • Candle 1448
    Mum miss our Lyme days. Love you, Janet & Tony xx
  • Candle 1449
    Mum miss your laugh, love & kisses Jacqueline xx
  • Candle 1450
    Dad wish you were here, love & kisses Jacqueline xx
  • Candle 1451
    Dave, keep watching over us and don't forget to send us signs love Jackie x
  • Candle 1452
    Daddy, the brightest star in the sky, love you forever and always your BB xx
  • Candle 1453
    Love and miss you Tub/Bubs xx
  • Candle 1454
    My beloved Dick. I remember you and miss you.
  • Candle 1455
    Thinking of you Mum!
  • Candle 1456
    In loving memory of Ron Stone
  • Candle 1457
    Dad. Love and miss you so much. Love you always. Yvette, Ford and Lola xxx
  • Candle 1458
    Remembering my Mum - Betty. I love you and miss you so much. Pom x
  • Candle 1459
    Remembering my Dad - Dennis. 'Pops' - I love you and miss you so much. Pom x
  • Candle 1460
    Remembering Will - a wonderful friend. Taken too soon. I miss you and our giggles. Pom x
  • Candle 1461
    Dick Chapman. Spent much time over many years boating and water skiing at Lyme Regis. We have many happy memories of our family time spent here.
  • Candle 1462
    Olive Chapman. Enjoyed much time here over many years in their chalet and with all the family. We have such fond and happy memories of staying at Lyme Regis.
  • Candle 1463
    With Love
  • Candle 1464
    Remembering with love Tom, Dad, Grandad and Great big Grandad
  • Candle 1465
    Remembering with love Barbara, Mum, grandma and Great big Grandma
  • Candle 1466
    For my Dad, my Mum and twin brother Gary - you left me beautiful memories. You are always on my mind and forever in my heart. All my love, Debra xxx
  • Candle 1467
    For my beautiful son Harry Evans, a wonderful young man loved and missed beyond words.
  • Candle 1468
    Amanda England - Always loved, greatly missed.
  • Candle 1469
    Bob Rose - Love you, miss you and forever in our hearts
  • Candle 1470
    Blue Rose
  • Candle 1471
    Kia England
  • Candle 1472
    PAUL DONNOR The most amazing man ... I miss you so much DAD ... I hope your looking down watching your boys and there family together right now thinking off you xxx
  • Candle 1473
    For Mum who loved Lyme
  • Candle 1474
    For Nanny who loved Lyme
  • Candle 1475
    For Pat, the best mam, grandma and great grandma any family could have and who loved Lyme. We miss you xxx
  • Candle 1476
    For Simon, the best dad, grandpa and great grandad and who discovered Lyme for our wonderful family holidays. We love and miss you xxx
  • Candle 1477
    Nanny & grandad Whittington may your love be as strong in heaven as it was on earth. Miss you everyday. You are always in my thoughts, and heavy in my heart, Love Debbie xxx
  • Candle 1478
    Love & miss you always Auntie Kim xx
  • Candle 1479
    Shine bright as always Kimmy xx
  • Candle 1480
    To everyone who is missing. S&E
  • Candle 1481
    My mind still talks to you. My heart still looks for you. My soul knows we will be reunited. Ur adoring daughter. X
  • Candle 1482
    Thank you for the memories and the love we shared Nan & Grandad. Your in my heart always. Paul
  • Candle 1483
    You’re where you wanted to be! Love Ju and Rach xxx
  • Candle 1484
    To dearest stepfather Michael Wills. Much gratitude and Love.
  • Candle 1485
    To my beautiful talented brother David Colley. Loved always
  • Candle 1486
    To all our treasured animals recently joined by Mitzen and Poppy. Remembered always
  • Candle 1487
    To my beautiful elegant mum Kate Wills. Much gratitude and Love.
  • Candle 1488
    For Aunty Bet, who loved Lyme Regis
  • Candle 1489
    Angie, a one off, we will miss your sense of humour, direct talking and warmth. Every cloud and all that.
  • Candle 1490
    for Terri and Coralie, who both loved Lyme Regis
  • Candle 1491
    A light for all loved ones we can no longer see but remember them and keep them in our hearts each and every day 💜
  • Candle 1492
    God bless dad x
  • Candle 1493
    Love and miss you x
  • Candle 1494
    Remembering you as the bright light you were Jose
  • Candle 1495
    For our beautiful Auntie Kim love and miss you xxx
  • Candle 1496
    Kim you will always be in our hearts 💕 xx
  • Candle 1497
    Papa, tu me manques...
  • Candle 1498
    Rhys Nigel Jones SWAST Community First Responder - We all miss and love you so much ❤️❤️❤️
  • Candle 1499
  • Candle 1500
  • Candle 1501
  • Candle 1502
  • Candle 1503
  • Candle 1504
    Mum, I miss your hugs, your laugh and our chats. You are forever in our hearts. Love Lisa, Lee, Willem & Amy xx
  • Candle 1505
    Mum, you are forever in our hearts, we miss you. Love Lee, Lisa, Willem, Amy, Donna, Nigel, Georgia, Chloe and Ella plus Chloe’s little boy bump xx
  • Candle 1506
    In loving memory of my special Nan. There isn’t a day that goes by without thinking about you. Love Aaron, Lucy, Harvey and Bonnie xxxx
  • Candle 1507
    In loving memory of my grandad. Always in my thoughts. Love Aaron, Lucy, Harvey and Bonnie xxxx
  • Candle 1508
    In loving memory of my beautiful Mum. You will always be in my heart ❤️ Simply the best. Love Lucy, Aaron, Harvey and Bonnie xxxx
  • Candle 1509
    Happy memories of loved ones no longer with us x
  • Candle 1510
    In loving memory of two wonderful parents, Rebecca and Royce Pettitt, who gave us such beautiful childhood memories of our holidays in Lyme Regis xx
  • Candle 1511
    In loving memory of two wonderful parents, Rebecca and Royce Pettitt, who gave us such beautiful childhood memories of our holidays in Lyme Regis xx
  • Candle 1512
    Dear Kim. Always in our thoughts …keep sending the white feathers
  • Candle 1513
    Thinking of you Sam. Xx
  • Candle 1514
    Wishing Karen & Nigel, on this day, a very happy 29th wedding anniversary. Also remembering all those past who can't be with us today. Xx Ashley & Catherine
  • Candle 1515
    Wishing Philippa & Andy a happy wedding anniversary. We also welcome baby Wilbur to the Lyme Regis family, shared with his brother Oliver and sister Kaicee. Xxx Karen, Nigel & Ashley
  • Candle 1516
    GARY - your bright memory shines
  • Candle 1517
    SIMON - shining bravely
  • Candle 1518
    MURRAY - shining bravely
  • Candle 1519
    LES - shine for Elaine
  • Candle 1520
    In Memory of Hannah & Teddy xxxx
  • Candle 1521
    For mum and dad. Gone but never forgotten ❤️
  • Candle 1522
    For my mum and sister, Linda. Sleep peacefully. Together forever ❤️
  • Candle 1523
    Somewhere over the rainbow, Someday I'll wish upon a star, Wake up where the clouds are far behind me, Where trouble melts like lemon drops, High above the chimney top that's where you'll find me Till we meet again, Missing you both xx
  • Candle 1524
    In memory of Isabel Hone (Mummy-Grandma)
  • Candle 1525
    Happy Custard Dad xxx
  • Candle 1526
    We miss you Jimmy xxx
  • Candle 1527
    Love you Dad xxx
  • Candle 1528
    Shine bright Dad
  • Candle 1529
    Shine bright Dad
  • Candle 1530
    Shine bright Dad
  • Candle 1531
    We miss you .., Shine Bright
  • Candle 1534
    Love always Georgina Emmett
  • Candle 1535
    Bob and Betty Emmett always missed xx
  • Candle 1536
    For all my family, gone but never forgotten xxx sharon Emmett
  • Candle 1537
    Ali smith for your lovely Annie xxxx missed so much.
  • Candle 1532
    Alan Aldridge, remembering you always Dad. Lots of love from Verity. Xxxxx
  • Candle 1533
    Giuseppe Verona - sempre nei nostri cuori. Xxx
  • Candle 1538
    For both our parents Trevor Patricia Eddy and Sylvia
  • Candle 1539
    In memory of Dad / Granda Jim Scott always in our thoughts
  • Candle 1540
    In memory of Mum / Nanny Nancy Hunter always in our thoughts
  • Candle 1541
    In memory of Big Alex Anderson always in our thoughts
  • Candle 1542
    In memory of Uncle John Anderson a gentle and kind man
  • Candle 1544
    In memory of Margaret & Sid Stoner. So many happy memories of family holidays in Lyme, a truly special place. Think of you and miss you every day. Love Karen XXXX
  • Candle 1545
    “You wouldn’t want it as a wart on the end of your nose”
  • Candle 1543
    One of the places you loved to visit. We miss you every day Gigsy ❤️🖤 #bemoregigsy
  • Candle 1546
    For Nanny Doris, whose home was Lyme Regis. Forever on our hearts xx
  • Candle 1549
    One for you mr Terry Gooding xxx
  • Candle 1547
    Dad/grandad Miss you always . Mel and Tyler xx
  • Candle 1548
    Mum & dad. Miss you always. Love James xx
  • Candle 1550
    OTs 4 Global Humanitarianism & OT Carers Unite - Remembering the lives of those we cared for and those we continue to care for too
  • Candle 1551
    Esme 💕 fly high beautiful angel love you forever lots of love from Auntie Alison, Uncle Paul, Kelsey & Caitlin xxxx
  • Candle 1552
    For Elmer my golf buddy, miss you, Dykey & family xx
  • Candle 1553
    Dad, we miss you so so much. This last year has been hard without you. We have been all looking after each other. Not a day goes by without us all thinking about you. Rest easy Dad. We miss and love you always. 💙
  • Candle 1554
    Your footprints in the sand are lit by a candle this year. Shine bright Mum. Love Forever Angela xxx
  • Candle 1555
    In memory of our lovely Dad Paul Clements. Always remembered with a smile.
  • Candle 1556
    Remembering my dear Mum. Miss you & love you always 💕
  • Candle 1557
    Nan love and miss you every day love Yvonne, Andy and Lily xxx
  • Candle 1558
    Grandad love and miss you every day love Yvonne, Andy and Lily xxx
  • Candle 1559
    For Mumma bear Linda xx
  • Candle 1560
    For Chris xx
  • Candle 1561
    Much missed Wife,Mum & Nanny taken to soon and missed so much,Jenny a truly beautiful human xx
  • Candle 1562
    My Darling Drew Bear, I will always love you and cherish the precious memories of the happy life we had together. Till we meet again my darling I am forever your loving wife Sari-Lou
  • Candle 1563
    Thom Scifo a wonderful friend taken too soon and so very missed by all who knew him.
  • Candle 1564
    Dad carried in my heart forever. Sarah x
  • Candle 1565
    In loving memory of my darling mum & best friend Valerie Olive Joyce Ward. I love and miss you mum so much. The candle will be lit in celebration of your life on earth and the happiness and joy you brought to us all. Love you so much mum
  • Candle 1566
    Nige, my friend. I hope you’re flying high to the pipes. Love, J
  • Candle 1567
    To Daddy, I miss you even 31 years later. I hope you’d be proud of me, J
  • Candle 1568
    In loving memory of my amazing Grandparents. Shine brightly. Love you both
  • Candle 1569
    Dear Mum, we miss you so much. We miss your face, your smile, your voice, our laughs together, your hugs and your love. Life has not been the same without you. Love you always, Julie & Richard xxx
  • Candle 1570
    Dear Gran, the years may have gone by but I miss you so much. I am who I am today because of your love and support. Love you always, Julie xxx
  • Candle 1571
    Dear Grandad (& Grandpa), We miss you so much. Tom & Jake have grown into fine men, husbands and fathers and I couldn't have done it without your love and support. Always in our hearts, Love always, Julie, Tom & Jake xxx
  • Candle 1572
    Dear Mum (& Nan), We miss you everyday. We wish we could have had more time together. Love you so much. Always in our thoughts and hearts, love Richard, Rosie & Samuel xxx
  • Candle 1573
    Dear Dad, (& Grandad), We miss you so much. Not a day goes by when I don't think of you. I wish we had more time together. Love you so much. Always in our hearts and minds. Love Richard, Rosie & Samuel xxx
  • Candle 1574
    Dear Jack, we all miss you so much. We wish we had more time together to do all the things we had planned. No one will replace the friendship we had. Always in our hearts and minds, Jake, Tom & Julie xxx
  • Candle 1575
    To the most wonderful Mum, Grandma and Great Grandma. Your missed everyday
  • Candle 1576
    Mum, Grandma and Great Grandma your family is growing every day and you will forever be in our hearts xxxxx
  • Candle 1579
    For my best friend Sue Langdon, for many years the heart of Lyme Regis now forever in my heart ❤️
  • Candle 1580
    For Michael Pouncey sailing out of Lyme harbour was his favourite thing to do, now sailing in the heavenly sky’s above it ❤️
  • Candle 1577
    For Great Nan, greatly missed x
  • Candle 1578
    For Nan & Grandad, I know you would have adored Harper x
  • Candle 1581
    Love and miss you mum. Big hug xxxx
  • Candle 1582
    Thomas.We never got a chance to meet you but love you xx
  • Candle 1583
    Nannie and grandad Hill Grandma Burt
  • Candle 1584
    To Our Harvey you are so missed every day, sending you our Love Nanna & Grandpa xx
  • Candle 1585
    Dearest Mum and Dad, we miss you every day, we miss your fun, your kindness, your wisdom and our conversations. With all our love forever, Sonia, Abigail and Sarah
  • Candle 1586
    Melanie Jane you began another journey at 4.1/2 I miss you as much today as I did back then , love always mum xx
  • Candle 1587
    In loving memory of Mike and Maureen Cole, Totton, Hampshire xxxx
  • Candle 1588
    In loving memory of Mike and June Osborne, Southampton, Hampshire xxxx
  • Candle 1589
    Peter Hunt much loved Dad & Husband
  • Candle 1590
    John Gammage much loved Dad & Husband
  • Candle 1591
    In memory of 2 sets of loving parents , Sydney & Jean and Dick & Cathy - always remembered with love x
  • Candle 1592
    Katie Cole. Still burning bright in our memory. Big Hug from us all xxx
  • Candle 1593
    For Bill with love Theresa x
  • Candle 1594
    Mabs Noble x
  • Candle 1595
    My darling Dad, Laurie Buist - you are always in my heart & on my mind - treasured forever - forever missed ♥️
  • Candle 1596
    To the best husband, dad and grandad. We all miss miss you so much. Not a day goes by that we don't think about you. Love you always and forever Alison, Sarah, Marc and the grandchildren. Xxx
  • Candle 1597
    Mum always in my heart Andrea x
  • Candle 1598
    Dearest Dad we will always hold a light for you in our memories of you, in the way we speak of you & in the way each of us still continues to love you. Your love, wisdom, & soul is still felt here & I know you walk beside us. We miss you Dad everyday
  • Candle 1599
    Harvey, this candle isn't just lite for tonight but for every day that we miss you. Your loved and missed so much. Love mummy and daddy.
  • Candle 1600
    Dad (John Cole). Just to say we are all ok and you would be very proud of your Grand Children. Lots of love from us all. Xxx
  • Candle 1601
    Forever in our Hearts, Mum
  • Candle 1602
    Heather Quick, Mum
  • Candle 1603
    For those that have left before me
  • Candle 1604
    Dearest Aunt Shirl & Uncle Rex You may be gone from our side but both your love & sense of family sits near to all our hearts. We know though that you are both together again, dancing, laughing & chasing Aunt Shirl around the garden. All our love
  • Candle 1606
    The Clark family x Happy Days x
  • Candle 1605
    For Evie Clover who loved fossil hunting.
  • Candle 1607
    You would’ve loved it here Dad, you’re always with me x
  • Candle 1608
    Better than a bench at the bus stop Pete!
  • Candle 1609
    To Dad, A way for you to share in mum’s 70th birthday. We love you and miss you everyday. Love Sarah, Tim, Chloe, Lucy and Holly xxx
  • Candle 1610
    Thinking of our loved ones who we miss so deeply. There is never a day that goes by without you being in our thoughts .Forever in our hearts , God bless you. All our love always Kymm and Dave xxxx
  • Candle 1611
    Our darling fur babies, we want to thank you for the time we have shared together. You are missed so very much every day. We will never forget you .God bless you all, we love you with all our hearts Mum and Dad (Kymm and Dave) xxxx
  • Candle 1612
    We miss you every day Dad x
  • Candle 1613
    John Johnston, Loved and missed so much, and in our thoughts every single day❤️ All our love, Loretta, Joanna, Sara and Luke xxxx
  • Candle 1614
    In memory of Adriana’s dad. We miss you
  • Candle 1615
    In memory of Paul’s parents. You are both missed
  • Candle 1616
    To my amazing son Rhys I miss you everyday and love you soo much mum 💚
  • Candle 1617
    Dad …. Miss you everyday xxx
  • Candle 1618
    Dave, Dad, Grandad - love you always and miss you every day. Ann, Shelley, Jonathan, Ayrton and Charlie xx
  • Candle 1619
    Mum and Dad - miss you loads. Love Jonathan, Shelley, Ayrton and Charlie xx
  • Candle 1620
    For Rob Michael, who loved this event.
  • Candle 1621
    For Jo Enright, a great supporter.
  • Candle 1622
    For nanny Mag xx
  • Candle 1623
    For mum and dad
  • Candle 1624
    A year without you and I still think of you every day. Miss you so much Mum. Xxx
  • Candle 1625
    Much missed still as the years fly by!
  • Candle 1626
    Grandad Graham. It's been one year without you. We miss you everyday. We are leaving this candle on holiday and thinking of all the holidays we shared. Love Kate xx.
  • Candle 1627
    Darling Charles, I never stop missing you. I miss hearing you say, “I love you Ma”
  • Candle 1628
    Miss you Churchie x love Peanut
  • Candle 1629
    in memory of Neil Ransford
  • Candle 1630
    in memory of Nancy Mckenzie
  • Candle 1631
    In memory of John Edward Hill
  • Candle 1632
    in memory of Albert Hodder
  • Candle 1633
    In memory of Roy John who spend many hours with best friends in Lyme Regis Love from Pam, Debs and Rhys
  • Candle 1634
    In memory of Jack Irwin who lived in Lyme regis during summer Lots of Love Naomi xx
  • Candle 1635
    In Loving Memory of Hilary a Lady with a Wide Smile
  • Candle 1636
    In loving memory of my Mum Sylvia this was your special place to be having a drink no doubt lots of love Dave & Becs xxx
  • Candle 1637
    For my beautiful Nan miss you everyday hope your watching over us love Coral Jay & Loki you would love all his hair
  • Candle 1638
    In loving memory of my Nan as the saying goes Give me a feel till Friday miss you Love Jamie & Gemma
  • Candle 1639
    The light of your love will forever be in our hearts. Until we meet again Dad. Love you forever XX
  • Candle 1640
    The light of your love will be forever in our hearts until we meet again. Love you Dad XX
  • Candle 1641
    For Aunty Joyce and Aunty Linda, A candle for you both, forever in my heart xxx
  • Candle 1642
    Missing you Dad (Tony Lewis) xxxxx
  • Candle 1643
    Hope your behaving yourself up there sailor boy xx
  • Candle 1644
    In loving memory of Sylvia Clark wife Mother and grandmother always in our thoughts love and miss you. Dave
  • Candle 1645
    Mike Dauncey (Dad) always in our thoughts, love always, June, Joanna, Jordan & Mark. Xxx
  • Candle 1646
    My beloved Dad. I love you. I cherish my memories of you. I think of you everyday. Cronk xxx
  • Candle 1647
    Dear Uncle Jim. So sad to have suddenly lost you. In our thoughts. Caron, Keith, H and Anna x
  • Candle 1648
  • Candle 1649
  • Candle 1650
  • Candle 1651
  • Candle 1652
  • Candle 1653
    Miss you so much every day, my anchor and my rudder, sailor Ray
  • Candle 1654
    In loving memory of Phil.
  • Candle 1655
    In loving memory of Vinnie.
  • Candle 1656
    Always remembering you Mum and Dad Bowers. We so wish you could have seen Lyme. You would have loved it. Cal and Wayne xx
  • Candle 1657
    Always remembering you Mum and Dad Earp. We so wish you could have come visit us. Wayne and Carol xx
  • Candle 1658
    Loving Memories. Michael John Goode
  • Candle 1659
    Loving Memories. Francis (Taffy) Langford
  • Candle 1660
    In loving Memony my Dad Dennis you will always be with me until we meet again Love you xx
  • Candle 1661
    For my husband
  • Candle 1662
    For my husband
  • Candle 1663
    HARRY ISAACS we think of you always and love you forever XXXXX
  • Candle 1664
    Always in our thoughts
  • Candle 1665
    Never forgotten, always loved by those blessed to have known you. Remembering Robin Harris. Love Ann, Mark, Kim and grandkids xxx
  • Candle 1666
    For both our dear Mum's and Dad's Xxx
  • Candle 1667
    In loving memory of Mary Theresa Booth
  • Candle 1668
    In loving memory of Terence William Booth
  • Candle 1669
    In loving memory of George Arthur Richard Reed
  • Candle 1670
    In loving memory of Neal Benjamin Apte
  • Candle 1671
    In loving memory of Peter Phillips and Sofia DiGregorio
  • Candle 1672
    In loving memory of Joan, Ron and Peter James Houghton
  • Candle 1673
    Sylvia Clark, miss and love you always thank you for leaving my with some fantastic memories xxx Chrissy
  • Candle 1674
    Dear Tony. You will always be in our thoughts. Love Mary and Mo xx
  • Candle 1675
    For Juliet Beament, violin maker, who brought me to the seaside with her two boys for many happy childhood summers. Rest with the Angels. Love Marion
  • Candle 1676
    For Pete and Mum remembering many happy rock-pooling adventures . Love Dad,Sharon & Marion
  • Candle 1677
    Norman West - Flying high with the swallows now. Still in our hearts x
  • Candle 1678
    Mum and Dad. X
  • Candle 1679
    My Darling Sofia x
  • Candle 1680
    My darling Calcifer
  • Candle 1681
    My darling Devon Mouse x
  • Candle 1682
    In memory of Doodle my Princess xxxxx
  • Candle 1683
    Forever young Sandra and always in our hearts x
  • Candle 1684
    We miss you Jim
  • Candle 1685
    In memory of our beloved parents, always missed
  • Candle 1686
    In loving memory of Peter Gill, Lifeboatman,Coastguard. Husband Dad and Grandfather. always remembered by, Dorothy,Ian,Sharon and family.
  • Candle 1687
    In loving memory of,Rev Stuart Worth. from David,Dorothy,Audrey Catherine and Jessica
  • Candle 1688
    To, Mum and Dad, miss you both, love you both, forever in my heart. All my love, Joanne.
  • Candle 1689
    To, Mum and Dad, always in my heart. Love, Dorothy xx
  • Candle 1690
    Grandma, we miss you always our favourite memories are with you at Lyme xx
  • Candle 1691
    Grandad, we miss you always our favourite memories are with you at Lyme xx
  • Candle 1692
    Great Grandma, we miss you and your cute laugh. Always fond memories of Chard xx
  • Candle 1693
    Thank you Granny for all the family summer holidays in your beloved Lyme. Love you XX
  • Candle 1694
    You are so missed by us all Gary. Debs, Ella and Georgia are incredible. Love always xXx
  • Candle 1695
    For Jonathan, gone but not forgotten. From your daughters & Sally
  • Candle 1696
    Bert Schofield. A legend. Great husband, Dad, Grandad and friend. Your family miss you always xx love all the Schofield’s
  • Candle 1697
    Miss you dad. Wish you could be here. You would love this xxx
  • Candle 1698
    In memory of my Wise Old Man who loved to fish from the Cob, and for Big Boo xx
  • Candle 1700
    To Dad, Always in our Thoughts, From Emma, Bella, Jess and Laila
  • Candle 1701
    To Sharon, Always loved you was sent from God to bud on earth and Bloom in heaven, From Dad, Mom, Steve, Andy and Martin
  • Candle 1699
    To my lovely mum dad sister bonnie x
  • Candle 1702
    Shine bright Percy
  • Candle 1703
    For Maeve who loved her holidays in Lyme
  • Candle 1704
    Daisy Matilda - always in our heart. A short life never to be forgotten.
  • Candle 1705
    In memory of all service men stationed at the Cobb in WW2 and to my Grandad for your bravery. Xx
  • Candle 1706
    For our beloved son Sam Holloway who left this world on 16th July 2022
  • Candle 1707
    With memories of swims in the bay and walks on the cliffs
  • Candle 1708
    With memories of sun and sea.
  • Candle 1709
    For Auntie Nicola. We wish you were here and miss you always. x
  • Candle 1710
    For my best friend Clairey - missing you always. x
  • Candle 1711
    Daddy, miss the laughter we shared and you're warm hugs. Wish so much you were still here. You're never forgotten love you so much. You're little girl xxxxxx
  • Candle 1712
    Nan olive and grandad Alfred and dad malcolm squire and my real best friend Carol I miss you all so much think about you all the time love you all
  • Candle 1713
    Love from us all Sal, ❤️Miss you x x
  • Candle 1714
    Love you Sug, today would of been your 81st birthday. Drinks in the bar ❤️Love and miss you x x
  • Candle 1715
    Mum & dad Jeffrey and Debbie Lock you left us all to soon but knowing your both together makes it a little bit easier love you always 💖
  • Candle 1716
    We miss you and hope that your watching over us all. Love from Neil, Steph, Emily, Charlotte and Tom xxxxx
  • Candle 1717
    Dad, you may be gone but you'll forever be in my heart. Love you always, your daughter Phillipa
  • Candle 1718
    For David a good friend sadly missed
  • Candle 1719
    In remembrance of my lovely Daddy Rob Blake lost to Covid-19 in April 2020
  • Candle 1720
    Nicki Hart - Heaven gained a beautiful Angel in April 2022. Taken to soon, I miss you ❤️
  • Candle 1721
    Memories of our Dear Parents and recent passing of our Brother Always in our thoughts
  • Candle 1722
    Dear Andy/Dad/Pops. You are loved and missed every day and we all carry you in our hearts forever. Love always, Jen, Marisa, Lola and Jase xxxx
  • Candle 1725
    Mum and Dad im living life fully how you would have loved it here, miss your love and support every day ♥️♥️
  • Candle 1723
    Mum and Dad. We miss you ‘Everyday’. Love from Stacey, Ruby and Alisha. Xxx
  • Candle 1724
    Mum, Dad, Louise & Koda. Love from Rich. Xxx
  • Candle 1726
    Doris Stockman
  • Candle 1727
    Mick Stockman
  • Candle 1728
    Thinking of you mum. Zx
  • Candle 1729
    Kisses for you Great-Grandma. Love Jago and Maribel xxx
  • Candle 1730
    To my darling Wendy . You are forever in my heart.
  • Candle 1731
    I will meet you on the horizon where the ocean meets the sky and the moonbeams dance and shimmer on the water Sharon
  • Candle 1732
    For Sharon always in our hearts and therefore cannot die
  • Candle 1733
    In memory of Margaret Smith (formerly Noble née Walton). Thinking of all the Happy Times we had here, love Gaye xxx
  • Candle 1736
    For our beautiful baby boy Stanley. We will hold you in our hearts forever. Mummy and Daddy
  • Candle 1737
    For Daddy Fox I hope you are shining bright up there. Shine on you crazy diamond. All my love Leeann
  • Candle 1734
    Our beloved Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad. Dawson Drinkwater’s favourite places that he now looks down on every day with a pint from the Royal Standard in one hand and a crab from the Wet Fish Shop in the other!
  • Candle 1735
    Veronica Aldridge - missing you Nanny.Lots of Love from Verity. Xx
  • Candle 1738
    To my best friend Brandy we had 13 wonderful years then you had to go. Miss you so much everyday love always daddy 💔💔
  • Candle 1739
    In loving memory of Frank Hutton xx
  • Candle 1740
    In loving memory of our Father & Mother who will always be in our hearts and thoughts. God bless you both. All our love Samantha, Nichola & Peter xxx
  • Candle 1741
    For my grampy, Charles "Son" Evans
  • Candle 1742
    For my granny, Daphne Evans
  • Candle 1743
    Remembering Margaret, much loved and dearly missed by us all xxxxx
  • Candle 1744
    Remembering Richard, much loved and dearly missed by us all 'Wish you were here' xxxxx
  • Candle 1745
    Colin Mathers - much loved and missed
  • Candle 1746
    Cynthia Power, forever missed, love from Jeremy & Lisa xx
  • Candle 1747
    Anne Baker, a life of love & laugher, we miss you, Lisa, Jez & Dad xx
  • Candle 1748
    Mum you left us to fly with angels on this day 13 years, I miss you so much and you are always in my
  • Candle 1749
    For Dad, missed every day. Loved forever. Laid to rest by the Cobb June 2001. Love Leah, Valerie, Lou, Kelly & all of your grandchildren. xx
  • Candle 1750
    For David, missed by us all...a dear friend. With Love Valerie, Leah & all of your family. xx
  • Candle 1751
    Missing you every day Dad. All my love Billie xx
  • Candle 1752
    For my beautiful Mumma. Finally able to rest. Love from your baby. xxx
  • Candle 1753
    Miss you always mark love all of us x x
  • Candle 1754
    For Mary Decima Holbrook
  • Candle 1755
    Best mum & dad ever x
  • Candle 1756
    Darling David always loving you ❤️
  • Candle 1757
    For ‘Ritchie’ Sarah Wilson - Chalon. You are missed and we love you xx
  • Candle 1758
    For mum, Pamela Milton, we love and miss you xx
  • Candle 1759
    Mum nan and John,miss you all so much.but I know you are here with me, love and hugs claire
  • Candle 1760
    In memory of my dear Dad, Terry Stoneman. Miss you so much Karen xxx
  • Candle 1761
    In memory of my dear Mum Barbara Stoneman. I miss you every single day. All my love Karen
  • Candle 1762
    Granny, I wish you could see the person we wanted me to become. I hope you'd be proud of me, miss & love you always ❤️
  • Candle 1763
    I miss you everyday dad, you'll never be forgotten ❤️
  • Candle 1764
    Miss you mum, Love you. Nicky xxx
  • Candle 1765
    Miss you dad, Love you. Nicky xxx
  • Candle 1766
    Roy Nokes, always in our hearts x
  • Candle 1767
    For my beautiful son Rhys, we all love and miss you loads baby boy xx
  • Candle 1768
    In loving memory of our parents.
  • Candle 1769
    Simon, We will always be together, and you will always be my fondest love. I love you. More. xx
  • Candle 1770
    Dad & Grampsy Scott, blowing kisses to you daily here. Hope you’re getting them wherever you are. Love you loads, your biggest girl and the boys (Logan & Rex) xxx
  • Candle 1771
    Always in our hearts xx
  • Candle 1772
    for Brian Culliford with love from Pat and Mark & Sarah
  • Candle 1773
    for Lisa Culliford with love from Mum, Mark & Sarah
  • Candle 1774
    for Mary Clements with love from cousin Mark
  • Candle 1775
    for Jo Rockey: with love Mum, from Zoe & Steve
  • Candle 1776
    for Jo Rockey: with love Mum , from Jaime & Jude
  • Candle 1777
    for Jo Rockey; with love Mum, from Ash & Owen and Teddy
  • Candle 1778
    for Nannie Jo Rockey with love from Rosie & Millie
  • Candle 1779
    When someone you love becomes a memory that memory becomes a treasure.
  • Candle 1780
    Remembering our dear Mum & Dad - Valerie & Barrie Hordle, forever in our hearts. With love from Alison, David & all the family xx
  • Candle 1781
    For John Ball
  • Candle 1782
    For Audrey Ball
  • Candle 1783
    For Noel Murray
  • Candle 1784
    For Ben My Beautiful Starchild, The Light Of My Life .... Love Mummy xxxxx
  • Candle 1785
    In loving memory of Kesu Sonals dad
  • Candle 1786
    Loved ones live forever- for Henryk, Aleksandra, Jerzy, Elzbieta, Henryk.
  • Candle 1787
    Our Sister Debra and our Father Derek Wells-Burr on an adventure together in the Universe.
  • Candle 1788
    Dad love and miss you
  • Candle 1789
    To my sister Liz we all love and miss you
  • Candle 1790
    To my baby boy I may not have got to hold you but it never stopped me loving you
  • Candle 1791
    James, Loved and missed every second of every day and will be that way until my last breathe
  • Candle 1792
    Miss You, Poppy xxx
  • Candle 1793
    Love you Mum/ Granny . Miss you and think of you every day. All our love , Darren, Faye, Finley, Evie & Millie xxxxx
  • Candle 1794
    To our loved ones who left us and we miss dearly. Paul, Christina and Maxine Roper
  • Candle 1795
    In memory of Reg, who like us, love Lyme. With love, Heather, Gavin and Alex xxx
  • Candle 1796
    We miss you Brian & loved you so much. Why did you leave us?
  • Candle 1797
    Abi, I will love you forever and a day. Shine bright my friend xxxx
  • Candle 1798
    Doreen Mulligan💕Missing you xx 💕Love from us all xx
  • Candle 1799
    Mom, you will always be my guiding light. I love you to the moon and stars. Love Annie + Cory
  • Candle 1800
    Dad/Grandad/Tony We miss you so much since you left us unexpectedly 7 May 2022,. You were our rock x
  • Candle 1801
    Mum & Dad, always in my thoughts and my heart. X
  • Candle 1802
    Eric Autton Carter 12-Apr-1922 to 27-Aug-2013
  • Candle 1803
    For Dad - Philip Darley - also Grandad of Adam and Ethan. Who left us in June after many hard years in the cruel fog of dementia and alzheimer's disease. We miss you.
  • Candle 1804
    Gone but never forgotten my dearest friend Matthew Martinez, Karen Trimby and Grandad Peter xxxx
  • Candle 1805
    Captain J M MacKenzie - We all miss you dad. The boys are now fine young men and you would be so very proud of them. Ellen x
  • Candle 1806
    In memory of Michael. We love you and miss you so much xxx
  • Candle 1807
    To Mum, love you always Hxxx
  • Candle 1808
    To Mark. Always the big bruv, thanks for looking after us xxx
  • Candle 1809
    Thank you for watching over us. Always remembered Hxxx
  • Candle 1810
    To B, C and N. Always in our hearts xxx
  • Candle 1811
    Forever in my thoughts and heart x x x
  • Candle 1812
    Kim,always missed loved forever x x x
  • Candle 1813
    Forever shine bright Alan Paul Jim and James
  • Candle 1814
    In memory of Alan Syme
  • Candle 1815
    In memory of Kenneth Syme
  • Candle 1816
    In memory of Robert Syme
  • Candle 1817
    In memory of Marion Syme
  • Candle 1818
    Love u Dad, miss u like mad! Cxxx+Sxxx
  • Candle 1819
    karen Trimby-Ford beautiful both inside and out much missed never forgotten
  • Candle 1820
    In loving memory of Grace Vaughan. Dearly missed and loved by all xxxx
  • Candle 1821
    Tony Beck spent many happy and memorable years holidaying in Lyme Regis with his wife and 5 children
  • Candle 1822
    Anthony Archer-Thomson my brother, lived in Lyme running a B&B with his wife. He was a life long RNLI volunteer
  • Candle 1823
    Marc Loved & Remembered Son Dad Brother Uncle Friend can’t express how much we miss you silent tears will always fall Love Mum
  • Candle 1824
    Granddad Stone will always remember our fun times love and laughter forever in my heart your Grandson Tony xx
  • Candle 1825
    Miss you all Xx
  • Candle 1826
    Cath Paxton. We loved you yesterday, we love you still. We always have and we always will.
  • Candle 1827
    Steve Moore. Too well loved to ever be forgotten. Rest in peace dear brother.
  • Candle 1828
    Miss you Mum
  • Candle 1829
    In memory of the best Mum, Maureen, still lighting up Lyme Regis love Sue & Lisa
  • Candle 1830
    Mom and Dad love you always love Edwina & Yvonne
  • Candle 1831
    To Rosie. Always in our hearts. Love Martin and Sophie xx
  • Candle 1832
    Love you micha miss you loads xx
  • Candle 1833
    Love you dad miss you loads xx
  • Candle 1834
    Love you Toni miss you loads xx
  • Candle 1835
    To the best dad ever.
  • Candle 1836
    To John, lots of fond memories together.
  • Candle 1839
    My lovely husband Terry, love you and miss you more every day. Olive and his girls xxxx
  • Candle 1837
    Our baby boy Jaxson you didn't get the chance to make your mark on the world but you definitely made your mark in our hearts forever missed and always loved our angel baby in the sky
  • Candle 1838
    Dad mum George love an miss you always in our hearts xxx
  • Candle 1840
    For Tony, love and miss you always xx
  • Candle 1841
    Dear Tom/Dad Love you always and forever, Beryl and Girls and all the family xxxx
  • Candle 1842
  • Candle 1843
  • Candle 1844
    Robin Wells. In memory of a loving husband, dad & grandad xxx
  • Candle 1845
    Edward Gay, Thinking of you everyday. All our love xxx
  • Candle 1846
    Thinking and missing you Betty and Tom
  • Candle 1847
    Missing and thinking of you Ivor and Jeanie
  • Candle 1848
    My darling baby girl, I miss you each & everyday. I can’t believe you’d be 40 this year. Love you with all my heart. Mum xxxx
  • Candle 1850
    Nan and Grandad, love you and miss you always Xxxxx
  • Candle 1851
    Love you and miss you forever Dad Xxxxxx
  • Candle 1852
    Dexter, the best boy that I miss every day Xxxxx
  • Candle 1849
    For Matty my darling brother who took his own life 4 years ago in september
  • Candle 1853
    In memory of Denise Shiboo, wonderful mum and granny. Our last holiday together as a family was in lovely Lyme in 2020. We miss her so much but have so many happy memories.
  • Candle 1854
    Glynn, we can’t believe you’ve gone, you’ve left a massive hole in our lives. You will never be forgotten my friend. All our love Mark & Teresa x
  • Candle 1855
    Robbie, you left such a massive hole in our hearts. We miss you so much Mark & Teresa x.
  • Candle 1856
    Nan & Grandad Rendell I miss you so much. I never got to say my goodbyes & that breaks my heart. You were always there for me no matter what. I love & miss you so much. Mark xxx
  • Candle 1857
    Gran & Grandad Axe, I would give anything just to be able to sit & talk to you again. I miss you so much. Forever in my heart. Teresa xxx
  • Candle 1858
    Grandad bill we love you
  • Candle 1859
    Grandad gilly we love you
  • Candle 1860
    For (great) grandma, Margaret Kebble, who loved the beach
  • Candle 1861
    Nonno John - flying in heaven
  • Candle 1862
    Auntie Dod - our love always
  • Candle 1863
    Uncle Tony - peace to you
  • Candle 1864
    Doina - Cara e affettuosa moglie di Paolino
  • Candle 1865
    We still miss you every day
  • Candle 1866
    To all those we have lost, Lots of Love from the Wright Family
  • Candle 1867
    In memory of Les and Connie Rowe,always in our hearts and never forgotten.
  • Candle 1868
    Remembering Granny Trudy with love xxxx
  • Candle 1869
    Remembering Steve/Dad with love xxxxxxxxx
  • Candle 1870
    Tony Songhurst 01/03/1966 - 09/06/2012 love & miss you everyday xx never goodbye always see you later ! One step beyond xx
  • Candle 1871
    John Songhurst 31/01/1944 -10/09/2019 we all miss & love you forever in our hearts xx
  • Candle 1872
    Paul Palmer - Good Times in Lyme. Always remembered and missed. The Palmers
  • Candle 1873
    For my Grandad Ray Ward, I miss you lots but I know you are always looking after me. Love from Tom (Maryan)
  • Candle 1874
    Love you mum ❤️
  • Candle 1875
  • Candle 1876
    In memory of Rhys Nigel Jones - he lit up the lives of everyone who met him. We love and miss him so so much. Nigel, Nikki, Kayleigh, Lorraine and Lisa xxxxx.
  • Candle 1877
    Forever in our hearts Shirley and Brian Trudgian
  • Candle 1878
    Forever in our hearts Vera, love from all us Mcconnell clan
  • Candle 1879
    Mo & Dad. Missing you both. Love Nat,Nick,Lauren & Jayne xx
  • Candle 1880
    Dear Dad - Missing you every day. Love Nick,Nat, Lauren & Jayne xx
  • Candle 1882
    Mum you loved Lyme. We also love it & you.
  • Candle 1881
    Loved forever, in our thoughts forever, missed forever dad xx
  • Candle 1883
    Stacey Jane, 19/3/98 Gone but never forgotten. Forever in our hearts
  • Candle 1884
    Fred Price 15/2/2019 Forever my dad and me your little girl.
  • Candle 1885
    Doris Price 26/7/2014 Forever in our hearts and missed so much.
  • Candle 1886
    Mum, you have been gone a short time but will be missed forever by your loving family
  • Candle 1887
    Remembering my Mum & Dad Julie and David Trickey Happy Memories xxx
  • Candle 1888
    This special candle is in memory of our dads, Jim Marshall and Jim Scott, forever in our thoughts xxxx
  • Candle 1889
    For my much missed cousin Scott Moore. Love ya and miss ya. Love Sadie (Tash) and family xx
  • Candle 1890
    For my beautiful Auntie Marilyn Moore. Miss you loads. Love always Sadie (Tash) and family xxx
  • Candle 1891
    Special memories…
  • Candle 1892
    Mum/Marie Always in our thoughts forever in are hearts 💕 love Dave, Maxine, Angela xxx
  • Candle 1893
    To Mum and Dad (Ivy and Ken) you are always in our thoughts, miss you both, thinking of you both every day ❤️ With love from all the families x x
  • Candle 1894
    🎼 The wind whisphers your name 🎼 RIP Uncle Mike, miss you more every day, love always Em xx
  • Candle 1895
    To my grandparents, always part of me, thanks for gifting my core beliefs, you’re always with me Em xxxx
  • Candle 1896
    To Our Very Special Mum, Nan. Missing you so much, especially today, your birthday, the first one without you. All Our Love, Sally, Simon, Charlotte and Max. Xxxxxx
  • Candle 1897
    Miss you mum and dad
  • Candle 1898
    Lots of love to Archie
  • Candle 1899
    Always in our thoughts Dad! Xx
  • Candle 1900
    In loving memories of two special mums with love always Ray and Jo xxxx
  • Candle 1901
    In memory of Richard & Ella Hill. Lyme Regis is such a special place with so many memories, you both loved spending time here. We all miss & love you so much, always in our thoughts xxx
  • Candle 1903
    For Kath Jackson. A much loved and missed Nan x
  • Candle 1904
    For our darling daughter Mabel. Loving, missing and thinking of you every day, always xxx
  • Candle 1902
    Dad David hopkin you are missed by us all love Lee ,Sarah, millie, ruby, kai and mj xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Candle 1905
    Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you Mum, I love you around the world and back again, Mae x x
  • Candle 1906
    Miss you Mum and Dad x lost without you
  • Candle 1907
    Mum, your light will always be with me. Laura x
  • Candle 1908
    Lynn, love you always…Lionel xxx
  • Candle 1909
    Ian & Joe Ritchie-Bennett
  • Candle 1910
    Together again Darlings Love you
  • Candle 1911
    Our happy place Dad
  • Candle 1912
    In loving memory of Derek, gone but never forgotten
  • Candle 1913
    In memory of my son Adam 26/04/1991-24/07/2011 and Husband Tony Hoare 28/05/1962-07/05/2018 ❤️MOT💙💛🤍
  • Candle 1914
    Dad, miss you every day, your grandsons miss you too! Love you, Mand, Jamie, Sam and Alex xxx
  • Candle 1915
    In loving memory of Eleanor and Bill Sykes xx
  • Candle 1916
    In loving memory of Johnny Thornton xx
  • Candle 1917
    Mike you are always in our hearts xx
  • Candle 1918
    My dear little granddaughter persephanie. Sleep gently.xx
  • Candle 1919
    Love & Miss you Dad & Grandad xx
  • Candle 1920
    Dad, not a say passes where your not on our minds. We all live and miss you more than you would ever know. Our hearts when never be full again, your the missing piece that we will never get back. Love you loads love from us all ♥️
  • Candle 1921
    My darling brother Mark . I loved you from the day you where born and will love and cherish you forever . Christine xxxxx
  • Candle 1922
    Pai, obrigado por tudo, estamos fiemes aqui
  • Candle 1923
    Mae, fica em paz, estamos bem.
  • Candle 1924
    John Walker - a beloved son and brother
  • Candle 1925
    For Peter Walker - with love
  • Candle 1926
    Remembering Peter Horlock
  • Candle 1927
    My Darling Dad (Grandad) we Miss You so much ❤️ XXXX
  • Candle 1928
    In memory of Dorothy & Ernie Stanley love you always xxx
  • Candle 1929
    In memory of Agnes Andrew, Colette Regett & Sheila Mellor love you and miss you always xxx
  • Candle 1930
    Dad loved and missed always x
  • Candle 1931
    For my beautiful kitten, who cannot make this event
  • Candle 1932
    To all those we have lost. You are remembered.
  • Candle 1933
    In memory of my husband Steve who I love and miss so much. Always in my thoughts x Ann x
  • Candle 1934
    To my lovely mum and dad think of you both every single day lots of love Jose xx e day xx
  • Candle 1935
    Miss you pam and julie wish you was both here lots of love Jose xxxx
  • Candle 1936
    In loving memory of Norman Davey, Doris Davey and Raymond James - you are all going to be Great Grandparents!
  • Candle 1937
    In memory of Haydn Leek, miss you brother x
  • Candle 1938
    For my dad Ray James. Norman Davey and Doris Davey, we miss you and remember you everyday.❤
  • Candle 1939
    Rest in Peace Jessica Jones xxx
  • Candle 1940
    Miss you Auntie Dora and all of my other aunts and uncles xxx
  • Candle 1941
    Your light is still shining Mum. Miss you every day. Sue. Xx
  • Candle 1942
    I miss your happy face Dad. Always smiling 😊. Xxx
  • Candle 1943
    To my dear Husband Ray, my Mum and Dad and all members of my family who are gone but not forgotten. Love Joy xx
  • Candle 1944
    Thinking of You Whiss!
  • Candle 1945
    Cheers to you all xxxx
  • Candle 1946
    To all my family and friends that have passed. Love always Carolyn X
  • Candle 1947
    In loving memory of Jackie Denise Collins 26/05/22
  • Candle 1948
    For my darling husband Mike, always in my thoughts and forever in my heart. All my love Corky xx
  • Candle 1949
    For my dearest parents Frank and Dorothy Raine-Allen with all my love always, Barbara xx
  • Candle 1950
    Miss you both so much mum and dad. Xx
  • Candle 1951
    For dearest Auntie Lydia and Uncle Douglas, with much love as always from your Sabrina xx
  • Candle 1952
    Remember you always
  • Candle 1953
    Darling Mike, You are always in my thoughts and forever in my heart, All my love always Corky xx
  • Candle 1954
    Simon Cross (crossy). You will always be remembered for your smile, laughter and for being such an amazing cousin and friend. Miss you always. Love Sue
  • Candle 1955
    Darling Sophie always in our hearts, Penn family Xxx
  • Candle 1956
    Missing you always Tony, but you have left some amazing memories. Love Becky xx
  • Candle 1957
    To my #legend Big Man. I miss you so very much. Massive Tony sized hole in Lyme. Your mate Andy xx
  • Candle 1958
    Erik, Caroline and family members that are no longer with us we miss you all. Erik you were taken from us to soon the void will never close. You've missed out on 2 lovely nephews and you sisters milestone. Our love goes with you mum dad charley.x
  • Candle 1959
    In memory of Mike and Wendy Watkins.
  • Candle 1960
    Gordon and Elsie Plant beloved parents of Malcolm. Often remembered and sadly missed. Malcolm and Dolores
  • Candle 1961
    Jim and Anne Hollywood wonderful parents to 7 children. Hard working and shining example to all. Much loved and sadly missed by children, sons and daughters in law, grandchildren and great children
  • Candle 1962
    Shane Draper beloved husband to Sandra. A wonderful, funny, sensitive soul remembered with fondness and love.
  • Candle 1963
    O’Neil family together again. Life was not always kind to you but a place together in heaven is what we pray for.
  • Candle 1964
    Aunty May a lady full of love and fun. Remembered with fondness snd love
  • Candle 1965
    In memory of my Dad Rod Devenish my 1st birthday without seeing you 28/08/22 xxx
  • Candle 1966
    ANDREW FISHER You were taken away from me 30 years ago.... thankfully you got me back to my home town, here in Lyme Regis. Thanks for the lovely years we had together. You are always with me and always will be....Love Karen x
  • Candle 1967
    For Christine x
  • Candle 1968
    To my darling Fred, love and miss you, Angie xxx
  • Candle 1969
    For Jenny, love Sheila x
  • Candle 1970
    For Ollie, the best are always taken too young. Forever in our hearts. Love Adora x
  • Candle 1971
    Gracie, Mummy and Daddy love you so much baby girl xxx
  • Candle 1972
    RIP Janci
  • Candle 1973
    RIP Lizzie
  • Candle 1975
    Love and miss you always mum & dad, will live forever in our hearts, carol & john xxxx
  • Candle 1974
    For our friends and family live Safe
  • Candle 1978
    My darling Peter I will never forget you. You are always with me. All my love and kisses Angela ❤️❤️
  • Candle 1979
    Dad you’ll never be forgotten.Chris Sam Jade Carter and Hadley
  • Candle 1980
    Dad you’ll never be forgotten. Stuart Cat Boo Caspar
  • Candle 1981
    Peter thank you for all the hugs over the years always in our thoughts Clive and Sue.
  • Candle 1982
    Peter miss your smile and advice. What fun we have had on family holidays over the years.Sue and Ross
  • Candle 1976
    Remembering all our family and friends no longer with us.Sandra And Mike
  • Candle 1977
    To my wonderful Mum, I miss you and think of you every day, but I know you are always with me in spirit. Love you always, Debbie and Isla xxxx
  • Candle 1983
    Keith 9/5/83 to 28/8/2018 Miss you every second of every day. Ninight Darlin love you love always Mum xxx and Dad xxx
  • Candle 1984
    In loving memory of Sheila Cleal, one of the kindest people, loved and missed by so many xx
  • Candle 1986
    Martin Langdon we love you xx
  • Candle 1987
    Our sweet girl luna, love you for always xx
  • Candle 1985
    For my Dad, Nan and Grandad. Missed every day. Great memories we hold onto. Xxx
  • Candle 1988
    My Big sis Mandy, not a day goes by when you’re not in my thoughts . There are no words to say how much I miss you . Love you forever ❤️
  • Candle 1989
    In memory of Robin John hanley my dad and a true gentleman I wish we could be together in lyme it's my special place. I wish I could take you there. We had so much left to do. I miss you so much fly high Michelle xxxxx
  • Candle 1990
    For Dotty, lots of love, Wayne
  • Candle 1991
    For Marilyn, all my love, Rachael
  • Candle 1992
    Remembering dad (Bryan) and brother (Jon). Gone but not forgotten. Love Rich & Dawn xxx
  • Candle 1993
    Dearest Mel Gone but never forgotten all our love Nadine & the kiddies xx
  • Candle 1994
    For Mum - in loving memory, Bid xxx
  • Candle 1995
    Alan Hulbert. Love and miss you Dad. Always in my heart and thoughts xx
  • Candle 1996
    For all babies born sleeping 🌈
  • Candle 1997
    Barbara Mary Russell (neé Leyden) 1924-2014 Loving Mummy & Granny
  • Candle 1998
    For my mum, dad, aunt & uncle and the wonderful holidays we had in lovely Lyme 💖
  • Candle 1999
    For our darling William Low- loving you and missing you always love Mummy, Daddy and Harriet xx 1999- 2017
  • Candle 2000
    In memory of John Forsyth a much loved dad, grandad and husband of Maureen x
  • Candle 2001
    Always in my thoughts carole luv you loads xx
  • Candle 2002
    Dear Daddy, We miss you every day and I wish you were here to enjoy Charmouth with us. I am 11 in 63 days, 3 weeks after your birthday. I am really excited but very sad I cant spend it with you. Love From Phoebe xxx
  • Candle 2003
    Dear Daddy, It is 11 days until my 9th birthday! I am very excited for it but I wish I could spend it with you Love From Florence xxxxxxxxx
  • Candle 2004
    To my lovely John. I think of you and miss you every single day. We always wanted this to be a special place for the girls and it truly is. We love you so much and would give everything for you to be here with us. Love Jo x
  • Candle 2005
    For Poppy & Bill Beech - remembering the love and security you gave me from the start of my life. Love always, Andy xX
  • Candle 2006
    For Grandma, Grandad, Uncle Paul and Auntie Jenny - love Clare xx
  • Candle 2009
    Mum, Nan and Greatnan & Dad, Grandad, Greatgrandad. Forever missed and forever in our thoughts. Love You both always Chrissy, Ben, Emma, Richard, Lyndsay, Dayle, Phoebe, Daisy & Alaina xxx
  • Candle 2007
    For Grandad Bob who loved the sea x
  • Candle 2008
    For Anita and Vicki x
  • Candle 2010
    She who leaves a trail of Glitter - remembering Savina Galbraith Kowlessar
  • Candle 2011
    Miss you more every day Dad. Always in my heart Jane xx
  • Candle 2012
    In memory of a lovely mum - miss you every day Tim xx
  • Candle 2013
    Mum and dad. I love and miss you. Matt. XXXX
  • Candle 2014
    Eileen Joan Chisholme RIP 12.01.22 103 years
  • Candle 2015
    Alan George Talley RIP 16.09.21 74 years
  • Candle 2016
    For our cousin Cora Waite love the family
  • Candle 2017
    In loving memory of Kan, always in our thoughts and Hearts. Love you
  • Candle 2018
    Taken too soon - love you always Fred and the Thompsons
  • Candle 2019
    In our hearts forever - love you mam
  • Candle 2020
    For Mum & Dad, thinking of you always x
  • Candle 2021
    In memory of my darling niece, Imo.I love you beyond words and miss you beyond measure. Much love Sharon xx
  • Candle 2022
    For Dad. From Nicola x
  • Candle 2023
    Mum and Dad (Charlie and Doreen Margetts) always in out thoughts, Caroline, Amanda and Brian.
  • Candle 2024
    Weed and Scott, not a day goes by without us thinking of you. Brian and Caroline. xxx
  • Candle 2025
    For Gus the light of my life forever in my heart.
  • Candle 2026
    For Mum & Dad x
  • Candle 2027
    For Dad x
  • Candle 2028
    Hi dad, just to let you know you are always in our thoughts. xx
  • Candle 2029
    Hi Mummy, just to let you know you are always in our thoughts. xx
  • Candle 2030
    In memory of Les Bush 1941-2022 - fond memories especially your funny faces. Much love Helen, Craig, Harriet and our star in the sky William xxxx
  • Candle 2031
    Happy days
  • Candle 2032
    Happy days
  • Candle 2033
    Happy days
  • Candle 2034
    To Colin, very best ever husband and Dad
  • Candle 2035
    In Memory of very loving parents miss you so much xx
  • Candle 2036
    Remembering mum and dad xx
  • Candle 2037
    For Mam,Father, John & all my Grandma's, Grandads ,Aunties & Uncles sadly gone .Also my 3 tiny dots who never saw the light.xxxc
  • Candle 2038
    As close to Barfleur as we can be. We miss you x
  • Candle 2039
    To all the loved ones we have lost Lynda & Alan
  • Candle 2040
  • Candle 2041
    For my Beautiful Nephew born sleeping. What would of been your 11th birthday on 2nd September 💙
  • Candle 2042
    To our beautiful little granddaughter Grace Victoria Lewis! Always in our heart's. All our love Nanny & Poppy. Xx ❤️
  • Candle 2043
    In Memory of John Lancaster. Remembered with much love and affection by his family and friends. Chris and Sue.
  • Candle 2044
    Matthew Toates forever loved and missed
  • Candle 2045
    IRIS Elliott forever in our hearts and mind
  • Candle 2046
    In memory of Tony Hinds a much loved Grandad, Dad and dear friend. Much missed by us all xx
  • Candle 2047
    Mum & Dad, miss you both so much, love always xxx
  • Candle 2048
    John, our dear son, loved and missed so much
  • Candle 2049
    John, our dear son, loved and missed so much
  • Candle 2054
    Barbara Mallamphy. Thank you for being part of our family. We miss you and will never forget your favourite saying ‘oh no’. You will be smiling down on us as we get together as a family this weekend. Love always Sue, Lizzie, Joanne, Dot and Maggie xx
  • Candle 2055
    Tony Mallamphy the legend. It hasn’t been the same since you left us and I wish you could see how well we are all doing. Tom has an amazing family and I wish you could have met them. We are all proud to call you our Dad. Love Sue, Tom & Juliexxxxxx
  • Candle 2050
    Thinking of you, Mum & Dad
  • Candle 2051
    Mamma & Pappa - alltid i mine tanker
  • Candle 2052
    Howard .,everyone .in lyme Regissses you
  • Candle 2053
    Our beautiful grand-daughter Mabel. You are always in our hearts. We love and miss you so much our little darling xx lots of love from Grandma & Grandad xxx
  • Candle 2056
    Love you Noahie 💕
  • Candle 2057
    Forever in our hearts 💕 the most special Mum 💜 We miss you ! Always
  • Candle 2058
    Thinking of you tonight Mum. Miss you xxxx Elaine & Wendy
  • Candle 2059
    In memory of Clifford Arthur Tester much loved dad and grandad
  • Candle 2060
    Rest In Peace now Tish. Love from Chris xx
  • Candle 2061
    Rest In Peace now Maura. Love from Chris xx
  • Candle 2062
    Lovely memories of Mum and Dad
  • Candle 2063
    In loving memory of Simon Howard - memories are the loveliest things they last from day to day, they can’t get lost, they don’t wear out and can’t be given away.
  • Candle 2064
    Nanny and great grandad This candle is for you. We miss you and Remember how much you loved being here x
  • Candle 2065
    DEAR MUM, JOAN and Lou. you are all missed and loved dearly. with all our love forever Rachel, Andrew and Gang x
  • Candle 2066
    In loving memory of my brother Stuart leaving us too soon love you loads and thinking of you for ever Lindsay, Darren, Sophie ,Katie Jessie,Lucy
  • Candle 2067
    In loving memory of my Dad John leaving us too soon love you loads and thinking of you for ever Lindsay, Darren, Sophie ,Katie Jessie,Lucy
  • Candle 2068
    In loving memory of my Uncle Sandy leaving us too soon love you loads and thinking of you for ever Lindsay, Darren, Sophie ,Katie Jessie,Lucy
  • Candle 2069
    We love you sweepy xx
  • Candle 2070
    Until we meet again auntie Jacqui x missed so much xx
  • Candle 2071
    Miss you jade . Fly high beautiful. Miss our chats love Sam xxxx
  • Candle 2072
    Sorely missed by Lucy and family x
  • Candle 2073
    We miss you all very much x Karen, Paul & family
  • Candle 2074
    For those we have loved and lost xx Hilary & David
  • Candle 2075
    Remembering my dad, John T Pullen, who passed away November 1989. Forever in my heart. Still a daddy’s girl! Love Jenny x
  • Candle 2076
    Mum and Dad (Albert and Cynthia Hodder) In our thoughts, Brian and Caroline
  • Candle 2077
    Love you "Yog" and always will. Thankyou for our time together.
  • Candle 2078
    Forever in our hearts the best Dad and Grandad Dude x
  • Candle 2079
    Dear Mum and Dad, forever in our hearts. Miss you loads, lots of love from your children and grandchildren xxx
  • Candle 2080
    Dear Nan miss you so much, lots of love Lee xxx
  • Candle 2081
    Andrew Dean - Luv you lots always - Dawn xx
  • Candle 2082
    To mum , I love and miss you so much. I hope you're with gran and grandad and dave the cat. Save a seat for me. Love you lots. Love mark xxxx
  • Candle 2083
    Remembering Trudy who made me so welcome
  • Candle 2084
    For Mum & Dad always in my heart
  • Candle 2085
    Nan and Grandad Green xx
  • Candle 2086
    In loving memory of Mary and Terry Lambert, very much missed and never forgotten. Xxx
  • Candle 2087
    For mum always in our hearts
  • Candle 2088
    For Margaret special lady
  • Candle 2089
    In memory David Tappin
  • Candle 2090
    Dad (Arthur Fleming.) loved and greatly missed xxx
  • Candle 2091
    Mum and Dad with love
  • Candle 2092
    To Andy who left us too soon. You will be forever in our thoughts. Love Emma, Robert, Oli and Isi xxxx
  • Candle 2093
    To family I miss having around. with love, Sue xx
  • Candle 2094
    To my friends who used to share my life with me. Miss you. Sue xx
  • Candle 2095
    For Else and John Hawker (Mum & Dad) Love from Annalisa
  • Candle 2096
    Mum, Dad and Pat, not a day goes by without thinking of you all, forever in our hearts.
  • Candle 2097
    Nana Liz - always loved
  • Candle 2098
    Nana Liz - always loved
  • Candle 2099
    For Nan for showing the joy of Lyme
  • Candle 2100
    For those incredible what ifs
  • Candle 2101
    Sally my beautiful friend how I miss you. Taken so young and the gap you leave is huge in all our lives. Tell Tegwyn I miss him and love him too Tanya xxx
  • Candle 2102
    In memory of Aunty Sue. Love Pam, Matt, Charlotte and Gabe. Xx
  • Candle 2103
    In memory of a loving Father and Grandad. Gabe and Matt x
  • Candle 2104
    In memory of our ‘amazing’ Joe xxx
  • Candle 2105
    Loving parents Alf & Joan.
  • Candle 2106
    Aunty Dotty & Uncle Jack
  • Candle 2107
    Alan & Jo, parents
  • Candle 2108
    Love always darling boy Peter xx🐼
  • Candle 2109
    In loving memory of Harry
  • Candle 2110
    Mum and dad, lots of love vdB xx
  • Candle 2111
    For Christie Clark, our baby girl xx
  • Candle 2112
    In loving memory of Diana Symes
  • Candle 2113
    In memory of dear Jan who loved Lyme
  • Candle 2114
    In loving memory of Linda White
  • Candle 2115
    Daddy, Grandpa, Richard - we love and miss you so much. In our thoughts tonight, as always xxxx
  • Candle 2116
    Dearest Joan, we send you off with love, after a life well-lived for 103 years. Thinking of you and Richard tonight xxxx
  • Candle 2117
    In loving memory kitty-Leigh Bryer and Adora-Dove Bryer
  • Candle 2118
    In loving memory Tracey Hopes
  • Candle 2119
    In memoriam of Jim (James) Beavis of Lyme Regis. Dad, Grandpa and Great Grandpa of Lee, Lucy , Scarlett & Tobias.
  • Candle 2120
    In Memoriam of Polly Bridges (nee Beavis) A Sister, Aunt & Great Aunt of Lee, Lucy, Scarlett & Tobias.
  • Candle 2121
    For mum and dad (Alan and Marian Pears). Remembering you with much love. Helen, Derek, Jemima and Oscar xx
  • Candle 2122
    In memory of William Doyle always missed and never forgotten
  • Candle 2123
    Kevin Chappelle-Hedges/Big K always in our hearts. Missed and loved everyday. Will never forget you
  • Candle 2124
    Lewis Lawrence. Rest in Peace. Gone too soon and young, but never forgotten. Love always
  • Candle 2125
    Dear Mum Tamblyn missing you still ❤️
  • Candle 2126
    Dear Mum hope you are at peace now ❤️
  • Candle 2127
    Darling Dad think of you often wish you were still with us 💙
  • Candle 2128
    My big sister Maureen taken too soon. Your children are all well 💕
  • Candle 2129
    Mike. We all still miss you and every family gathering we remember you 💙
  • Candle 2130
    In memory of Bill & Mad Scott, missed, remembered and always shining in our lives xx
  • Candle 2131
    In loving memory of George and Kathleen Parkinson.
  • Candle 2132
    In loving memory of Jean and Tony Tinson.
  • Candle 2133
    Miss you so much Mum/Grandma, taken far to soon love you always and forever Hannah, Gareth & Louis
  • Candle 2134
    Granny, 3 years, I miss you every day. Until we meet again Love You xx
  • Candle 2135
    Grandad, 12years you left us and I miss you as much now as I did then. Always in my thoughts, I love you, until we meet again xxx
  • Candle 2136
    To Albert Trowbridge miss you so much Jayne xx
  • Candle 2137
    In memory of Irene Roper. Still missed by all her family
  • Candle 2138
    In memory of Emily Fitzgerald. The greatest friend I could ever have asked for. Love you always and forever
  • Candle 2139
    In memory of Kathleen and Fred Knight. Granny and Grandad, always in our thoughts
  • Candle 2140
    In memory of Derek Searle, Gramps. Always and forever loved
  • Candle 2143
    |For all those who carry a piece of our hearts in heaven. Thank you for the memories, the laughter, the tears and the strength to live the best life. Elaine & Mark
  • Candle 2141
    For Dad, miss you every single day and always will, with lots of love from Louise and James
  • Candle 2142
    Missing you forever, remembering you forever, my beloved Norman
  • Candle 2144
    In memory of Nick ‘The Greek’ Dutfield
  • Candle 2145
    In memory of Milly and Gyp. Love from Stevie
  • Candle 2146
    In Memory of Steve Fermor
  • Candle 2147
    Spread your wings and fly free darling Stephanie x
  • Candle 2148
    Auntie Kim, you are loved and missed by us all xx
  • Candle 2149
    In memory of Ben Halford 15/07/2005 - 04/10/10 forever young xx
  • Candle 2150
    In loving memory of Alex Jacks.
  • Candle 2154
    In loving memory of my sister Sheila
  • Candle 2151
    In memory of Ken Tavener -greatly missed xxxx
  • Candle 2152
    For Mum (Theo) who loves this place and beat cancer
  • Candle 2153
    For Granny
  • Candle 2155
    With love to you all, Beth and Dan
  • Candle 2157
    In loving memory of my mum and dad Apps
  • Candle 2158
    In loving memory of Bob Rose x
  • Candle 2156
    In loving memory of dad/grandad BASKEY We will never forget you. Always loved
  • Candle 2159
    For my lovely Nannies and Granfy that I never got to meet. Millie xxxx
  • Candle 2160
    Missed so much but forever in our hearts and thoughts. Xx🙏🙏
  • Candle 2161
    In loving memory of Ian Dow & Ron Webster. Always in our hearts.
  • Candle 2162
    For Emma who will never be forgotten
  • Candle 2163
    To Claire, our beautiful friend. To Macey my darling dog, Millie and Hazalla the most perfect ponies, Willow and Honey our much loved cats. May you all be together, pain free and happy. All my love
  • Candle 2164
    Mr and Mrs Proudlove- never forgotten forever missed
  • Candle 2165
    Mr and Mrs Davis also Jean and John - never forgotten, forever missed
  • Candle 2166
    In memory of an amazing Dad and Grandad Basky, you will forever be in our hearts. We miss you so much , until we meet again 💕💕
  • Candle 2167
    My loving mum lynn watts 08-11-2020
  • Candle 2168
    My loving brother Luke organ 26-07-2022
  • Candle 2169
    Darling mum, the very best mum in the world. We miss you so much and always will. Much love, Alan
  • Candle 2170
    Ethan Tim x
  • Candle 2171
    For all the magical moments and being one very special Auntie. You are always in my thoughts.
  • Candle 2172
    Tu me manque beaucoup mon papa, pardon de ne pas avoir etait la.
  • Candle 2173
    For Mum, Dad and my sister Caroline, it’s lonely here without you all, love always Grant xx
  • Candle 2175
    Dad,, it wasn’t rocket science, a fitting tribute to u. A place that gave u much pleasure at a difficult time. Love you millions and miss you so, so much. Ria xxx
  • Candle 2176
    Grandad, the brightest star! We all miss u so very much. Loving u always xx
  • Candle 2174
    In loving memory of my beautiful daughter Claire, taken by cancer at 37 yrs old. Forever in my heart. Always loved and never forgotten. Mum xx
  • Candle 2177
    In loving memory of Pauline Trowbridge miss you so much love ian and jayne
  • Candle 2179
    Dearest Gill forever in our hearts.
  • Candle 2178
    In loving memory of Ella shearer miss you so much love ian and Jayne x
  • Candle 2182
    Dearest mum, thinking of you on your journey to be with dad, missing you more than you will ever know. All our love, Graham, Karen, Matt, Alex, Scott, Jayne and George
  • Candle 2180
    Thank you Hazel for the beautiful memories over the years in Lyme love Clive
  • Candle 2181
    Hazel, thinking of you always love Clive
  • Candle 2183
    I love you always, best Pops a girl could ever wish for xxx
  • Candle 2184
    To my wonderful son Bill Morgan, not a day goes by that I don't think about you, all my love mum ❤
  • Candle 2185
    For our beloved Felicity, Wife, Mum and Granny, your light shines on always in our hearts.
  • Candle 2186
    Stephen Purcell. This candle burns in loving memory. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. Much love Michelle xxx
  • Candle 2187
    This candle burns In loving memory, Nan Blodwen, Nan Betty, Grampy Fred, Gramps John, uncle Dai. Very much loved and missed. Michelle, Tom & Josh xxxxxxx
  • Candle 2188
    Dear John, thankfully we got to meet you but sadly gone too soon. Love Jackie, Janet and families xx
  • Candle 2189
    Robert Moore. Fly high little bro. Xx Neville xx
  • Candle 2190
    Tony D’Avanzo - we all miss you so much Grampy/Dad. Forever in our hearts Xx Lucia Leo & Lyla xox
  • Candle 2191
    To Martin
  • Candle 2192
    To Tony
  • Candle 2193
    To Nick
  • Candle 2194
    To Les
  • Candle 2195
    To Dave
  • Candle 2196
    To BaBa
  • Candle 2197
    Dad (Brian) always in my heart ♥️ xx
  • Candle 2198
    Grandad gone but never forgotten ❤️Xx
  • Candle 2199
    Doreen and Stanley Grant. Always loved and remembered
  • Candle 2200
    George, we’re going to miss you so much. Laura’s Christmas jumper parties will never be the same again. Be at peace my friend. Love Mark & Teresa
  • Candle 2201
    To Nan, Pop and Martyn, we light this candle for you not a day goes by where we do not think of you, we miss you all every day and we wish you could be here with us still. We love you! Lots of love Lyne,Laurie,Bryan,Miles,Cara, Sadie and Mack ♥️ Xxx
  • Candle 2202
    Madeline Vinicombe (Mum) RIP
  • Candle 2203
    John Vinicombe (Dad) RIP
  • Candle 2204
    Christine Vinicombe (Sis) RIP
  • Candle 2205
    Baby Wells Never in our arms Always in our hearts
  • Candle 2206
    Dear mum and Dad, A year has passed since we lost you both, the emptiness feels too much - miss you both so very much, Thank you for being the best Mum and Dad ever x
  • Candle 2207
    Goodnight and God bless Nan, forever in our hearts xxx
  • Candle 2208
    Beryl Carpenter, Mum your worldwide family have your love and cherished memories in their hearts for ever. Now in heaven with your beloved Jim.
  • Candle 2209
    In Memory of Jill Hunt who is always in our hearts. With all our love from Ken, Judith, Jo, Mark and Guy xxxxx
  • Candle 2210
    For my Meg ❤️
  • Candle 2211
    Dad you loved our holidays in Lyme. Missing you, love always Ann, Dave, Luke, Lauren. Shirley & Paul xx
  • Candle 2212
    In Memory of Sheila and Raymond (Mum and Dad). With all our love from Mark, Anne and family xx
  • Candle 2213
    Remembering Dad and all the good times in Lyme always in our hearts. Eileen, Dave, Matthew, Josie & families xx
  • Candle 2214
    Remembering Tyrone, always in our thoughts. Love Luke, Dave, Ann, Lauren & Chris
  • Candle 2217
    In memory of our dear son and brother, David, who left us suddenly in April 2022. We love and miss you every day love Mum and Dad and brother Shaun xxx
  • Candle 2215
    For Billy - While time will fade, these hoofprints, the ones left on your heart, will never disappear.
  • Candle 2216
    For all those I have loved and lost.
  • Candle 2218
    Remembered with love Jean & Leslie Gilbert
  • Candle 2219
    Always in my heart, John & Barbara Salway
  • Candle 2220
    In memory of Pete, still missing you. Teresa x
  • Candle 2221
    Love you Dad x
  • Candle 2222
    For our wonderful husband/dad/grandad, Andrew. We miss you so much. Love you always xxxx
  • Candle 2223
    For you mum, Anne Meecham, I miss you xx
  • Candle 2224
    For Chris and Bob Wills who loved Lyme
  • Candle 2225
    John, My Darling Boy, I Miss You So. Love Di x
  • Candle 2226
    Always In My thoughts and heart. I miss you so much Mum xx love Lyn xx
  • Candle 2227
    For Mum and Dad, so often in our thoughts. Thank you for your love.
  • Candle 2228
    Many happy memories.
  • Candle 2229
    Fly free Canela xxxx
  • Candle 2230
    We miss you Pappy. Love Hollie and Ben xx
  • Candle 2231
    Mum, Mary, Grandma Seaside, a candle for you in your happy place ❤️ xx
  • Candle 2232
    Dewi Rhys Rogers 1927-2005
  • Candle 2233
    Dewi Rogers Miss you Dad
  • Candle 2234
    For our lovely daughter Yvonne. Mum and Dad.
  • Candle 2235
    For you our Yvonne. Mum and Dad.
  • Candle 2236
    Tom you will never be forgotten always in our hearts and very dearly missed, A best freind a sponsor and a guardian angel love you always see you on the other side love Fiseal
  • Candle 2238
    For our darling boy Ethan, who loved his Lyme Regis holidays as a kid. Loved and missed every day.
  • Candle 2237
    To Zico the best cat ever. Much loved and still missed every day
  • Candle 2239
    In loving memory of Jacob Cartwright
  • Candle 2240
    Angela Banter. Always missed. Always loved. Never forgotten
  • Candle 2241
    Remembering our wonderful, funny, loyal friend Tony. We think about you a lot and miss you but particularly at times of celebration which we know you would have loved x
  • Candle 2242
    In memory of Dolly, Billy & Mum
  • Candle 2243
    Im missing seeing you sat on that same chair every sunday, I hope i am making you proud. I will forever hold on to those memories we made together, you will always be my favourite I.I
  • Candle 2244
    Ian, a brother forever in our hearts
  • Candle 2245
    In memory of Derek, never forgotten
  • Candle 2246
    Dad, always thinking of you
  • Candle 2247
    Mum, with you in our hearts.
  • Candle 2248
    Mum and Claire. Miss you and love you x
  • Candle 2249
    Ethan, taken too soon and missed by your family so so much. We hope you are resting in peace. A day doesn’t go by that you are not thought of or spoken about. Miss you xxx
  • Candle 2250
    Eric McGrory -" good night and god bless " sleep tight much loved dad, grandad , great grandad x
  • Candle 2251
    For Dad love you, thinking of you always.
  • Candle 2252
    For Nina and Red, thinking of you both always, Hannah and Owen
  • Candle 2253
    Keep the moose out the house and the chocolate stocked up , see you on the other side much loved crazy dad , grandad and great grandad xx
  • Candle 2260
    Dear Great Grandad Eryk I hope you having a lovely time in heaven. One day I hope I see you up there. But not for a long time. Love Eryk ❤️ xx
  • Candle 2254
    Rest peacefully now Mum xx
  • Candle 2255
    Keep the moose out the house and the chocolate stocked up , see you on the other side much loved dad , grandad and crazy grandad -Douglas stewart x
  • Candle 2256
    Happy memories of Mike Cast- never forgotten.
  • Candle 2257
    Loving memories of Bert Williamson. Always remembered.
  • Candle 2258
    Love you Mom
  • Candle 2259
    Miss you every day
  • Candle 2261
    Dearest Mum. I have missed you for so long. xxx
  • Candle 2262
    Love you lots Mark from Mam &Dad
  • Candle 2263
    Miss you George love from Margret &Paul
  • Candle 2264
    In loving memory of our Grandparents (Great Grandparents) who are now together again xxxx
  • Candle 2265
    Peter Legg, a much loved husband, father & grandfather
  • Candle 2266
    Bill’s taxis, much loved xx
  • Candle 2267
    In our thoughts, Olivia, sleep tight with the angels.
  • Candle 2268
    Charlotte Doswell xx
  • Candle 2269
    PHIL HOPKINS, See you shining in the sky at night. Miss you, Leon,Ethna and girls x
  • Candle 2270
    Nana, gone too soon. We miss you x
  • Candle 2271
    Dad, 6years on, we miss you x
  • Candle 2272
    For the one I didn't get to meet...xx
  • Candle 2273
    In loving memory of Clive & Lynette Parfitt & Little Thomas. We love you always!
  • Candle 2274
    In loving Memory of Fallen friends, aunties, uncles & Grand Parents. Always loved and never forgotten.
  • Candle 2275
    Bob, Dad, Bampy, Remembered always, loved forever xx
  • Candle 2276
    Mark, There isn’t a day that goes by that your not in our thoughts, we miss you so so so much. You may not be here with us but we know you are watching over us. Love you to the moon and back. RCTL XxxX
  • Candle 2277
    "we Love you Dad"
  • Candle 2278
    Jess. Miss and love you so much xo
  • Candle 2279
    Szeretettel gondolunk ratok!
  • Candle 2280
    Dear Grandma Pagey we all miss you very much and wish you could be here to see the things we have achieved. We all love you so much and think about you all the time. Love Tyler xxxxxxx
  • Candle 2281
    Dear Grandad Barry, missing you everyday, lots of love Chloe Xxxxxxx
  • Candle 2282
    Love You millions Chipper From Badge xx
  • Candle 2283
    In loving memory of Andrew Gostomski. Always missed but not forgotten.
  • Candle 2284
    Christine Sear, Always in our thoughts xx
  • Candle 2285
    Catherine Jane Murphy - in our hearts forever
  • Candle 2286
    For my beautiful Catherine with me forever X
  • Candle 2287
    Thinking off you on the beach Mum and Dad. Peg and Ron Singleton
  • Candle 2288
    Michelle Burns - always loved forever missed x
  • Candle 2289
    June Wedge - still missed, still loved
  • Candle 2290
    Mary Cooke - still missed, still loved
  • Candle 2291
    For Mal, ‘you’re an angel’ love Bonnie
  • Candle 2292
    to eveyone we have lost
  • Candle 2293
    Chris, an amazing Husband, Dad and Grandad. We love and miss you xxx
  • Candle 2294
    Grandma Beryl, we miss having met you and hope you're having fun in heaven. Lot and lots of love Aoife and Grayson xxxx
  • Candle 2295
    Great Grandma Ivy, we miss you're love and hope you are relaxing in heaven. Lot of love Aoife & Grayson xxx
  • Candle 2297
    Dylan, for all the best of times !
  • Candle 2296
    Kyzer you.were the best shine bright in doggy heaven xx
  • Candle 2299
    Cherished memories of Neil Sharland who loved this place taken too soon from his family., wife Emily and daughters Madeline & Beatrice. Love you always.
  • Candle 2298
    In loving memory of Nora Stephens. Beautiful and brave.
  • Candle 2300
    In memory of Bosiljka Margaret Swanton
  • Candle 2301
    In memory of John Elliott Kay
  • Candle 2302
    In memory of Olga Pearson
  • Candle 2303
    In memory of Nicholas Sketchley
  • Candle 2304
    For Richard, my big brother with fondest memories. Barbara x
  • Candle 2305
    Alice such happy memories I miss you every day
  • Candle 2306
    Rosemary my favourite sister witn love
  • Candle 2307
    In memory of Kenneth Ivor Pugh
  • Candle 2308
    In memory of Joyce Evelyn Pugh
  • Candle 2309
    In memory of Bonnie Swanton
  • Candle 2310
    Marjorie Webb - Dear Mum, thinking of you and Neil, with my love, Joanna
  • Candle 2311
    Bill Webb - Dear Bill, thinkinng of you, with my love, Joanna
  • Candle 2312
    John Peet - Dad My hero
  • Candle 2313
    Alice Peet - Mum miss you every day.
  • Candle 2314
    In memory of Julian David Reakes. So loved and so missed by so many. You will live in our hearts forever and Lyme will bring us closer to you. All our love, your loving family x
  • Candle 2315
    Forever in our hearts are beloved mum (Jo Sellick)
  • Candle 2316
    Love you mum always in are heart (Sally Hains)
  • Candle 2317
    Mum, still missing chips, egg and peas and mug of tea on Tuesday evenings. Tracy xx
  • Candle 2318
    In loving memory of Barbara & Fred Colbourne
  • Candle 2319
    In loving memory of Barbara & Fred Colbourne
  • Candle 2320
    We miss you Harri, every day ❤️
  • Candle 2321
    Losing a sister is like losing a part of you, you lived life to the full, always thinking of others, a year ago you left us , but you’re still here in our hearts and memories, miss you Carol x
  • Candle 2322
    Shine bright Laine, Chlöe, Carol and Ruby. With love always x x
  • Candle 2323
    In loving memory of Mary and Cyril Evans, Elsie May Lawton. Very much missed and remembered with love xxx
  • Candle 2324
    Mum, I hope you have found peace at last. Xx
  • Candle 2325
    Thank you for being the best father in-law, and teaching me how to be a good present parent. Xx
  • Candle 2326
    Remembering many wonderful times in Lyme with beloved parents Rosemary and Alan.
  • Candle 2327
    Remembering beloved godparents Mollie and Philip who always welcomed us into our South West home from home.
  • Candle 2328
    Love you lots dad I forgive you hope your well up there
  • Candle 2329
    I love you always dad and I forgive you…I get it. Please now forgive yourself
  • Candle 2330
    Grandad, forever in our hearts xx
  • Candle 2331
    Bill, much loved husband, dad and grandad. Thinking about you xxxx
  • Candle 2332
    In loving memory of Dad.
  • Candle 2333
    In loving memory of Nan.
  • Candle 2334
    In loving memory of Grandad.
  • Candle 2335
    In loving memory of Chris
  • Candle 2336
    In memory of all our loved ones who are no longer with us
  • Candle 2337
    Nick Sketchley
  • Candle 2338
    For Mum, Dad, Tracy and June, gone too early, always in our hearts and thoughts, all our love x❤x
  • Candle 2339
    Forever in our hearts Pauline and John Spearing
  • Candle 2342
    Darling Tony not a day goes by that I don’t miss you.I talk to you everyday and hope you can hear me. Love you so much until we meet again your devoted wife Geraldine xx
  • Candle 2340
    Malcolm W Howells - forever in our thoughts
  • Candle 2341
    Edward and Robin - forever young
  • Candle 2343
    In memory of Julian David Reakes. I will miss you every hour of every day. I will love you forever, please wait for me. You are my love, my friend, my soulmate. Your loving wife, Cheryl xx
  • Candle 2344
    To Dad our love for you still shines brightly, like the flame on this candle. Love you always Lesley, Angela, Nicola and Chris xxx
  • Candle 2345
    Miss you mom and dad ❤️❤️
  • Candle 2346
    Love you mom. Dave, Nat and girls
  • Candle 2347
    Remembering Keith & Mary Barton
  • Candle 2348
    In Memory of Mum - Joyce Williams
  • Candle 2349
    Always remembered always loved.
  • Candle 2350
    Always remembered always loved.
  • Candle 2351
    Always remembered always loved.
  • Candle 2352
    For mum & dad
  • Candle 2353
    For nanny and grandad
  • Candle 2354
    To Grandma x GT
  • Candle 2355
    Shine bright gran and gags xx
  • Candle 2356
    In loving memory of Katie Powell and Gordon Brymer
  • Candle 2357
    For a much missed husband, dad & grandad. Happy memories of holidays at the seaside with you xxxxx
  • Candle 2358
    Dear Jude, we miss our fun days at the beach with you, love always Nanna and Uncle Michael xxx
  • Candle 2359
    For our beloved Ali. You lit up all our lives and we love and miss you so much. Shine brightly. Love Mum and Dad xxxxxx
  • Candle 2360
    Fondest memories of a loving mother
  • Candle 2362
    Grace, you will always be with us.
  • Candle 2363
    I love you Mum. Lots of love Martha xx
  • Candle 2361
    In Loving Memory of Ted Pring. Cherished son of Chris, Allison and adored brother to Eleanor x
  • Candle 2364
    To my mum who passed away in 1986 due to cancer
  • Candle 2365
    Harry Jermy-Doyle Happy Birthday baby brother. Miss and love you always. Saf xx
  • Candle 2366
    Jack-Jeremy-Doyle Happy Birthday baby brother. Miss and love you always. Saf xx
  • Candle 2367
    Julian agapimene tha mas lipsis poli. Isoun enas iperoxos anthropos kai tha se exoume stin kardia mas gia panta. Se efxaristoume pou se gnorisame. Kalo paradiso. Katerina, Aglaia kai ikogenia.
  • Candle 2368
    In loving memory of Gerald & Joan, Mum & Dad / Nan & Grandad you are greatly missed but always in our thoughts xxxxx
  • Candle 2369
    In loving memory of those who we miss dearly - John, Derek, Roland, Margaret and beloved Snoop. Wonderful Grandparents, Parents and Dog. Our memories will live forever, love Gary, Abi & Esme xxx
  • Candle 2370
    Dad, We all love and miss you every day.
  • Candle 2371
    To Rog taken far to soon sadly missed by us all loads of love xx
  • Candle 2372
    To my lovely dad very sadly missed from Annette xx
  • Candle 2373
    To Sue taken too soon xx
  • Candle 2374
    In loving memory of Derek Argyle West always in our hearts
  • Candle 2375
    In loving memory of Frederick Clark
  • Candle 2376
    For mum and dad scattered at sea off Lyme Cobb
  • Candle 2377
    In memory of my dear friend Linda
  • Candle 2378
    In loving memory of Julian Reakes, a wonderful and loving stepdad, father-in-law and Grampy. You influenced the people we became and for that we are eternally grateful. We will miss you so very much. Love Neil, Sue, Cameron, Oliver, Izzy & Naomi xxxx
  • Candle 2379
    In memory of our Dad, Julian David Reakes. You were a giant in our lives and a perfect Dad. We’ll miss you ever so and keep you in our hearts forever. May God rest you peacefully now. Sleep well. Love you with all of our hearts. Thomas & Vasiliki
  • Candle 2380
    In loving memory of Tony Faux - much loved and always missed. Lots of love from James, Sharon, Addison, Ellis and Lewis
  • Candle 2381
    Darling Mummy - unforgotten. Miss you every day xxx
  • Candle 2382
    Darling Daddy - there in the light, night or day xxx
  • Candle 2383
    For nugget
  • Candle 2384
    Forever in my heart Dad ❤️ xxx
  • Candle 2385
    Miss you mum - love Garry
  • Candle 2386
    Miss you mum - love Judy
  • Candle 2387
    For Philip Dix
  • Candle 2388
    For Bill Whyte
  • Candle 2389
    For John Nelson
  • Candle 2390
    For Wol & Anne
  • Candle 2391
    Always remembered every day
  • Candle 2392
    Always in my thoughts Mum, miss you, Mandy xx
  • Candle 2393
    I never met you but I was with you at the end. May you rest in peace
  • Candle 2394
    In memory of Frederick and Pamela Taylor who loved Lyme xx Peter and Janice xx
  • Candle 2395
    For our Mister Blue Sky xxx
  • Candle 2396
    RIP Mum & Dad Love you always xxx
  • Candle 2400
    JFry, always in our thoughts and hearts xx
  • Candle 2397
    Luke Pavey who never went away as he walks beside me everyday. Xxxx
  • Candle 2398
    To the ones we have lost but never forgotten. Always in our hearts.
  • Candle 2399
    Gone but never forgotten
  • Candle 2401
    In memory of Dot and Cyril Cummins who had lots of happy memories in Lyme Regis.
  • Candle 2402
    In memory of Derek Gingell. Two years have passed since you left us and we still miss your smile.
  • Candle 2404
    Dear Dad, miss you so much. Always in our thoughts forever in our hearts. All our love Tracy, Pete , Char & Chris xxxx
  • Candle 2403
    In memory of mum and dad. Love and miss you. Janet xxx
  • Candle 2405
    Mum, Dad - forever in my thoughts and missed terribly. I like to think we will meet again one day but for now I hope you are watching over me. Shine bright like the flame to this candle. All my love Jane xxx
  • Candle 2406
    Steve Fermor and Pete Bradstock. Two true gentlemen
  • Candle 2407
    I miss you Dad xXx
  • Candle 2408
    Jake lots of happy times xx
  • Candle 2410
    In Loving memory of my son Chris who died 8 weeks ago aged 30. I Love You Son.
  • Candle 2409
    Peter Farquhar- you made so many memories for us to enjoy here...miss you. Jo, Mo, Ellie, Jamie & Anya
  • Candle 2411
    For Eloise, who is loved to the moon and back today and always. Mummy and Daddy xx
  • Candle 2412
    For Mick, Bryn, Glen and best girl Maeve, we'll see you again🐾
  • Candle 2413
    Dad, you lit up our world. You are always by our side and will always be in our hearts. J and K x
  • Candle 2414
    For Norman. All my love, now and always, Trish x
  • Candle 2415
    A special memory for our special Daddy!! We love and miss you beyond words. Lots of huggles, Harry, Freddie and Rose xxx
  • Candle 2416
    Mum (Nan) and Dad (Pa) we all miss you lots xx
  • Candle 2417
    Love and miss you Dad. From Mark
  • Candle 2418
    To My Darling Grandad I Miss You Every Single Day Xx
  • Candle 2419
    In memory of Harold and Celia Liney
  • Candle 2420
    بادت گرامي و روحت شاد پدر عزيزم ♥️
  • Candle 2421
    MUM. It's only been 5 months since you left us. Taken too soon. We love you so much and will make you proud love always your daughter and grandson x Sam and Tyler xx
  • Candle 2422
    DAD. I can't believe it's been 14 years, you were taken way to early. But you certainly lived a fulfilled life. Never a day I don't miss you, always a story to tell. Love you loads daddies girl xx love Sam and tyler
  • Candle 2423
    Rhys, I’m reminded of you all the time. By little boys with glasses, or through endless stories told by those who miss you, despite knowing you’re never too far away. P.s. you make the sky look so pretty.
  • Candle 2424
    Roo. Im not sure you’re able to read this from up there but I like to think your magician skills have evolved.. I’ve always thought you could do anything. I miss you more than you can imagine. I’ll always see you as the brightest star in the sky.
  • Candle 2425
    Auntie Beb and Uncle Arthur ‘Haycock’. Such wonderful memories of our time in dear old Lyme. X
  • Candle 2426
    In Memory of Bunty Davison from Ian, Peta and Simon
  • Candle 2427
    In memory of Steff. You may not be here buddy, but you are forever in our hearts. Your humour and love remains. Never forgotten and thank you for everything while you were here. I miss you my friend. Love you always, Jack
  • Candle 2428
    Jenny Wilson-Chalon, we miss you soo much
  • Candle 2429
    My darling wife Sarah Wilson-Chalon, I love you x
  • Candle 2430
    For mum and dad, Jean and Alan. Always in our thoughts. Miss you more each day. Love San and Stu
  • Candle 2431
    To Mum & Dad - Wish you were here, so sorry, regretful and sad. Love Nigel x
  • Candle 2432
    In loving memory of all those whom we have known and loved so dearly, but sadly no longer with us. Nigel & Kathy x
  • Candle 2433
    For those that we have loved and lost
  • Candle 2434
    For those that we have loved and lost
  • Candle 2435
    Maxine wingham, mum and nanny. Forever missed
  • Candle 2436
    Michael essenhigh, dad and grandad. Forever missed
  • Candle 2437
    Dad, Graeme, Grandpa - we love you and we miss you, I,T,H,L,M & N xxxxxx
  • Candle 2438
    To Chas
  • Candle 2439
    Remembering all our lost friends and family.
  • Candle 2440
    This candle is for my brother John Ennis a brilliant Sailor who lost his life to the sea. Miss you Bruv love Babe XxxX
  • Candle 2441
    For Mam & Nephew John a light shining for you both....with us always Xxxx
  • Candle 2442
    Mum 8.06.19 Dad 25.07..21 miss you always Xx
  • Candle 2443
    Miss and love you forever Nan and Grandad. Love the Rowes Xxxx
  • Candle 2444
    Bill Taylor (Dad & Grandad) It's been a tough year of firsts without you. I hope you are up there having a nice tipple watching these beautiful candles. We miss you Dad. Xxx
  • Candle 2445
    Bob Spracklen. We know you are ok now you are with Mum. Always in our hearts & thoughts we miss you. Xxx.
  • Candle 2446
    John Sydenham. We love you and miss you everyday. X
  • Candle 2447
    Love you always mum xx
  • Candle 2448
    The best Mum and Dad/Nanny and Grampy, with endless love and eternal thanks. Always in my heart.
  • Candle 2449
    Jim, you’re the light of my life, please light the way for me. Love you all the world. Forever your lass Lisa xxxxx
  • Candle 2450
    We know you are always with us ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • Candle 2451
    Dearest Sandie, taken too soon but always in our hearts. Thank you for the wonderful memories. You are deeply missed. Lots of love, the Styles family xxx
  • Candle 2452
    Remembering MJS With Love
  • Candle 2454
    For a wonderful Mum, Dad, Nanny and Gramps, we miss you every day, sending lots of love to you both, Sarah, Tim, Bethany and Holly xxxx
  • Candle 2455
    My dear sister Maureen May, always remembered never forgotten
  • Candle 2453
    Joshua Dylan Hill, our beautiful boy, always in our hearts.
  • Candle 2456
    Grandad, we miss you everyday. Love Char, Shane and your Twinkles xx
  • Candle 2457
    In memory of my lovely mum xxx
  • Candle 2458
    Remembering Phil with love
  • Candle 2459
    Mum Riley. Love from your babies xXx
  • Candle 2460
    In loving memory of Jean Thomason who was a very special Mum and Nanna and who is forever in our thoughts ❤
  • Candle 2461
    Happy memories Leslie. Miss you.
  • Candle 2462
    Mum and dad you are missed so much. Forever in our thoughts. Love Karen, Shane, Amy and Thomas xxxx
  • Candle 2463
    The less we forget, Mum 2022, Dad 1996 xx
  • Candle 2464
    To Jim
  • Candle 2465
    To Renee
  • Candle 2466
    In loving memory of Mum & Dad (Delia & Ernie Jackson) remembering happy holidays here with you. xx
  • Candle 2467
    For Uncle Jim much love to Jenifer Tim and Chris xx Hilary & David
  • Candle 2468
    For Malcolm Mark & Nigel and friends no longer with us much love Hilary & David
  • Candle 2469
    For Our Isabella who would have been 20 this week, but died at 8 hours old! We will always love you! Miss you every day, love Mum, Dad, Daisy and Lottie xxxx
  • Candle 2470
    Mum, Doreen Dunsby you've been gone 18 months! We love you always and Miss you so much everyday! All our love John, Claire, Mark, Daisy and Lottie, Mike, Lish and Abi xxxx
  • Candle 2471
    In memory of Uncle Nigel. Missed by all. RIP xx
  • Candle 2472
    Love from Kev, Gillian, Chloe and Katie x
  • Candle 2474
    Rest in peace Grandad love you always x
  • Candle 2475
    In loving memory of Martin Penny. Husband, Dad, Grandad, Great grandad. We all miss you so much.
  • Candle 2476
    Remembering Tony Buck. Taken too soon. Love Hilary, Shaun, Sue, Emily, Sophie, Maisie & Oscar x
  • Candle 2477
    Remembering Ena & Norman Wilson. Missed dearly & loved by Val, Ron, Sue, Kay, Sophie, Alice & Emily xx
  • Candle 2478
    In loving memory of Beryl Prestidge born 100 years ago
  • Candle 2479
    In loving memory of Diana England born 100 years ago
  • Candle 2480
    To Mum, Love you forever, Lynn
  • Candle 2481
    Miss you always Dad You were taken too soon xx
  • Candle 2482
    Oliver we miss you each day, every day, all the time xx
  • Candle 2483
    What is this life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare, we miss you dad xx
  • Candle 2484
    We miss you mum xx
  • Candle 2485
    Miss you Dad. Love Steve, Jayne, Jess & Aimee xx
  • Candle 2486
  • Candle 2487
    Mum, How I miss our chats, love you always, Sal, Geoff, Tatiana, Jago, Tallulah and Boudicca xx
  • Candle 2488
    To Nigel, you are always in my thoughts. I love and miss you so much. All my love Teresa xxx
  • Candle 2489
    To Mum and Dad. Still love and miss you both so much. All my love Teresa xx
  • Candle 2490
    Darling Imo, always in our hearts xKx xJx
  • Candle 2491
    For Keith, My Daddy, I will always love and miss you, love Honey-Rose xxx (Squidge)
  • Candle 2492
    Always thinking of you mum and dad. Jane T
  • Candle 2493
    Remembering our beautiful daughter Martha. Shine bright darling, we miss you xx
  • Candle 2494
    Sally you where taken from me to early. Miss and still love you. Richard
  • Candle 2495
    For mother. I miss you.
  • Candle 2496
    Trevor Summers
  • Candle 2497
    Dawn Summers
  • Candle 2498
    Carol summers
  • Candle 2499
  • Candle 2500
    Wild Bill Alcock
  • Candle 2501
    Remembering my beloved friend Nina xx
  • Candle 2502
    In memory of my brother Tom Pearson, 28 years young on 28th august 2001, always in our hearts xxx
  • Candle 2503
    In memory of Helen Case. Love from Gary, Marie, Dominic, Bradley and Lindsey xxxxx
  • Candle 2504
    In memory of John Case. Love from Gary, Marie, Dominic, Bradley and Lindsey. xxxxx
  • Candle 2505
    In loving memory of Michael Balson
  • Candle 2506
    Never forgotten dear Frances Tolchard
  • Candle 2507
    With love to my Dad Donald Balson
  • Candle 2510
    Dearest Mum, Dad and Poppy. You are in my thoughts every day - loved and missed so much. God Bless XXX
  • Candle 2508
    Remembering Wilson Robbins; the most wonderful, loved doggo. Missed dearly by Matt, Hannah and Charlotte xx
  • Candle 2509
    Remembering Denis and Eileen Allen, on our first wedding anniversary. Always in our thoughts and hearts.
  • Candle 2511
    Loving memories of Mum, Jean Boswood
  • Candle 2512
    For my loving dad, Ernie Norman x
  • Candle 2513
    Pop pop, love you always from Charlotte and Alice
  • Candle 2514
    Dave, Forever in our hearts . Love Kelly,George,Owen, Ellie and Coraliex
  • Candle 2515
    For Susie Cashell
  • Candle 2516
    For Elsiemay Brayford
  • Candle 2517
    To Sarah gone but never forgotten love Tim & family
  • Candle 2518
    For My Dear Dad, Love Julian xx
  • Candle 2519
    In loving memory of Scott Bawden
  • Candle 2520
    For Mum & Sue, with all my love, Sarah
  • Candle 2521
    For you Mum, with love, Steve & Sarah
  • Candle 2522
    Mum(PAM) always in our thoughts
  • Candle 2523
    Mum (VIOLET) always in our thoughts
  • Candle 2524
    Dad (ERNIE) always in our thoughts
  • Candle 2525
    Dad (PETER) always in our thoughts
  • Candle 2526
    To all our family, friends and pets that have gone before us. Love Yvie and Kerry xxx
  • Candle 2527
    In loving memory of Jane Bowyer whose love and generosity is still felt throughout the family xxx
  • Candle 2528
    For my lovely Dad xxxx
  • Candle 2529
    For Our Dad
  • Candle 2530
    In loving memory of John Hart
  • Candle 2531
    Dear Art. Never forgotten. Xx
  • Candle 2532
    Dearest Ruby, always in our hearts. Love Mum Dad Livi and Gracie. Xx
  • Candle 2533
    For John (Johnny) Fox - Love & Miss You, Dad x
  • Candle 2534
    For Kay (Rose) Fox - Love & Miss you, Mum x
  • Candle 2535
    To have loved so deeply, even though the person you loved has gone, will give us some protection forever. Miss you every day Mum/Nanny love the Chicks
  • Candle 2536
    Always in my heart ❤️ Carole.xx
  • Candle 2537
    In memory of my sister Dodie. We have lost such a treasure.
  • Candle 2538
    For John & Thelma, Alan, Josie & Jim, Sandra, Jason, Jack & Kathleen, gone but not forgotten
  • Candle 2539
    In memory of beloved Aunty Wendy and Aunty Dodie gone too soon and forever in our hearts.
  • Candle 2540
    For the Pallarès-Torrents and Mills' families loved ones. We miss you. With love Ad, Tina, Alex and Georgie
  • Candle 2541
    In loving memory of Barrie Hyde
  • Candle 2542
    My John Robert - Your Diana
  • Candle 2543
    MUM AND DAD (Marianne & Jeff) Love and miss you both so much x So many good memories of great times together! Miss the love, your funny stories Dad xx and all the laughters Mum xx all our love xxxxx Marie-louise, Jeffrey, Mark
  • Candle 2544
    In memory of Ben
  • Candle 2545
    In memory of Dottie
  • Candle 2546
    In memory of Sadie
  • Candle 2547
    In memory of Toots
  • Candle 2548
    In memory of Martin
  • Candle 2549
    Marianne & Jeff (Oma and Dude) Love you and miss you millions xxxx Luisa xx Sean xx George xx
  • Candle 2550
    Lieve Lies,Nel,Trix, Oma, Opa Always in our hearts and thoughts xxx The candles are burning x Heel veel liefs x Marie-louise, Jeffrey, Mark
  • Candle 2551
    Darling Mum, Dad and Poppy, always in my heart, thoughts and prayers. All my love, Ann XXX
  • Candle 2552
    Our beautiful Rebecca never forgotten and always loved. We cry for the life you lived and the one that you didn’t. Xxxxxxxxxxx forever our angel forever missed xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Candle 2553
    Lyme Regis was our special place, miss you. X💕
  • Candle 2554
    For Mum, Dad and Steve xxx
  • Candle 2555
    For a beautiful mum and sister who were loved beyond measure xxx
  • Candle 2556
    Mum. The ordeal of the past few years is over. Peace at last. Love Keith Jan your grandchildren and great grandchildren.
  • Candle 2557
    We'll miss you Sam, some time far in the future we'll meet again on the flip side.
  • Candle 2558
    I am donating this candle in memory of our much loved mummy lizzie Butt, she loved life, family and friends, she will always be with us in our memory
  • Candle 2559
    To our wonderful friend Fred. You filled a room with light , inspired us to be our best and be in the adventure of life. We love you xx
  • Candle 2560
    For you granny beet love you xxx
  • Candle 2561
    To Mum and Dad miss you all the time Neal
  • Candle 2562
    We miss you mum. You loved Lyme.
  • Candle 2563
    To my darling brother love and miss you always Carol 😘 ❤️
  • Candle 2564
    Dear Greg, know you are loved and missed every day. There is a light that never goes out. Always loved, never forgotten, your loving family xxx
  • Candle 2565
    To my Babushka and her smile and love
  • Candle 2566
    To my Antie Tanja who loved UK from books but never been
  • Candle 2567
    To Babay with his reserved humour
  • Candle 2568
    To Abikya and her strong character
  • Candle 2569
    To little Whale
  • Candle 2571
    To Olive and George, Love you lots. Derek
  • Candle 2570
    Shine bright forever Dame Deb 💗
  • Candle 2572
    Dearest dad, please know just how much you are missed. We are all looking after mum as you would want but our family is not the same without you. Always loved, never forgotten, your loving family xxx
  • Candle 2573
    Mum & Dad. So many happy memories of holidays here. Love Sue
  • Candle 2574
    Sue - love you - Michael
  • Candle 2575
    In memory of the awesome Maisie Lossau. #BeMoreMaisie
  • Candle 2576
    To Mum, Granny and Grandad, Gone but not forgotten. We think about you every day and will continue to do so until we’re all together again. All our love, Nicky and Clive xxxx
  • Candle 2577
    Love you dad
  • Candle 2578
    Love you and it’s you dad
  • Candle 2579
    Miss you Dad
  • Candle 2580
    We miss you Daniel ♥️ ♥️
  • Candle 2581
    Shine bright Kirsty
  • Candle 2582
    Susan Bowers ever lasting love
  • Candle 2583
    For David love the guys greg n Andy xx
  • Candle 2584
    Carol Miss you love the guys Greg n Andy x
  • Candle 2585
    Uncle Paul love you from the Roy household
  • Candle 2586
    Grandad miss taking the potatoes love the guys Greg n Andy xx
  • Candle 2587
    Nan miss you loads thanks for giving me the strength love you Andrew Greg x
  • Candle 2588
    For my dad, Graham Patrickson. Who I miss every single day x
  • Candle 2589
    Remembering my mum, Jo
  • Candle 2590
  • Candle 2591
    Loving&much loved
  • Candle 2592
    In loving memory of Janet and Stewart Ingham
  • Candle 2593
    Eileen Gutteridge:Mum Love Forever Denise&Keith
  • Candle 2594
    Fred Gutteridge:Dad Love Forever Denise&Keith
  • Candle 2595
    May & Bert Morley Remembering you K & D
  • Candle 2596
    Sister:Pauline Doughty Remembering you K & D
  • Candle 2597
    Alice Gutteridge:Love always Mum,Dad, A & H
  • Candle 2598
    Callum Gutteridge: your Loving family
  • Candle 2600
    For Ramsay
  • Candle 2599
    In memory of Paddy, Betty and Liam
  • Candle 2601
    Mum and Dad S and Mum and Dad B Love is Strength 💜
  • Candle 2602
    In loving memory of our son, Cooper Lockton.
  • Candle 2605
    Thinking of you Granfy
  • Candle 2603
    For PMB…with a big hug and a cheeky grin! Love always, Big Sis and The Dude xxxx
  • Candle 2604
    For our very precious mum and Lala, we love you XX
  • Candle 2606
    In memory of our dear friend Christopher. We miss you everyday and love you always, doll. X Andi, Hels & Ella-Rose X x
  • Candle 2608
    For my big sister Susan, who left us too soon
  • Candle 2609
    For my parents, under appreciated in life
  • Candle 2607
    Love you and miss you always, love anya
  • Candle 2610
    Mary, always in our thoughts & forever in our hearts
  • Candle 2611
    Tom, we all miss you so deeply, we cherish every day we had. & everyone is so grateful to have had you in our lives. With all our love, to my grandad
  • Candle 2612
    Mum, we all miss you everyday, love you always. Love Joe xxx
  • Candle 2613
    My Grandma, in my heart, forever and always. 9 years and feels like yesterday, love you Forever. Hollie xxx
  • Candle 2614
    Mum, it's only been 7 Months but wish I could hear your voice again. Love you always Adam, Lauren, Sophie, Jessica and Abigail xxxxx
  • Candle 2615
    For my beautiful Nanny & wonderful Grandma, your memory will always light up the world. With lots of love from us all xxx
  • Candle 2616
    Remembering Jim & Eileen Colman of Norwich
  • Candle 2617
    For mum
  • Candle 2618
    Chrissie Male. Our lovely, loving and caring Mum. You made us what we are. Thank you . Dave ,Ally ,Kev & Bar xxxx
  • Candle 2619
    For MumAnd Dad. Missing you both so much.. much love xxx
  • Candle 2620
    For Nina. I often wonder what a different life we would have had if you’d been part of it… Thinking of you always. Xxx
  • Candle 2621
    Thinking of those taken too soon… Tom, Beryl & Terry. Always in my thoughts… hope you are settled and have found some peace.. with love xx
  • Candle 2622
    For allMy family and friends… thinking of you all…. Xxx
  • Candle 2623
    For Andy Oaker… taken far too soon… a bright light albans gone out on earth… you’ll have to work your magic from up there! Keep up with the blog!! Xxx
  • Candle 2624
    Dad - forever in our hearts ♥️ Love Nick & V xxx
  • Candle 2625
    Dad & James I miss you with all my heart. I hope you are at peace and always watching over us. Love V xxx
  • Candle 2626
    In memory of my lovely cousin Trudi. I miss you. Lucy xx
  • Candle 2627
    For my Nan who was my rock long time gone missed every day x
  • Candle 2628
    Remembering my loved ones Alan and Lorna, Rowan, and Gavin. Greatly missed, always loved. Jasmine xxxx
  • Candle 2629
    To Dad gone but not forgotten xxx
  • Candle 2630
    Nan, always in our hearts, truly loved and missed. Love you xxxx
  • Candle 2631
    In loving memory of my Mum and my brother Anthony. Sadly missed. RIP❤️💙
  • Candle 2632
    Missing you both so very much!
  • Candle 2633
    Mum you are so missed but you left us treasured memories. Always in our hearts. The Costley’s
  • Candle 2635
    Miss you Dad, love Christine xx
  • Candle 2636
    Jayne, Thinking of you. Mike XX Christine xx
  • Candle 2637
    Irene, With love, Christine +Dave xxxx
  • Candle 2638
    Alice, Never forgotten. Christine and family xxx
  • Candle 2634
    In loving memory of Barrie Haysom and Anne Haysom. Always in our thoughts. Much love always Neil and Lianne xx
  • Candle 2639
    Shine bright Nan, we miss you x
  • Candle 2640
    We love and Miss u loads nan xxx
  • Candle 2641
    Jill Austin
  • Candle 2642
    Ernie Austin
  • Candle 2643
    To our nannies, thank you for taking care of us. We love you both!
  • Candle 2644
    To the love of my life Megan x
  • Candle 2645
    Remembering Eve Ashton with love
  • Candle 2646
    Mike Watkins. You loved this event and now, on what would have been your 80th birthday, you're part of it.
  • Candle 2647
    In loving memory of Joan and Pete short
  • Candle 2648
    Missing you Grandad. Alex
  • Candle 2649
    In loving memory of Ken Dyke who is missed so much by his family and in our thoughts daily. Susan Deborah Laurence and family.
  • Candle 2650
    Julia butcher remembering all those wonderful times xx love you and miss you
  • Candle 2651
    Love you 3000 Chloë
  • Candle 2652
    Keith butcher truly amazing dad Thankyou for everthing love and miss you xx
  • Candle 2653
    Sandra butcher my beautiful mum always in our hearts xx miss you
  • Candle 2654
    To Grace you are always in our thoughts lots of love Grams and Great Grandpa
  • Candle 2655
    Margaret Howes - To our dear wife and mom, loved so much and missed every day.
  • Candle 2656
    Hannah Smallman - Always loved and remembered everyday.
  • Candle 2657
    In memory of our Dearest Baldilocks - never forgotten and forever in our hearts xxxxx
  • Candle 2658
    Thinking of you always Eve ❤️
  • Candle 2659
    In memory of Pryce Jones. If you were here you’d have us all singing. Always in our thoughts always and our memories of you always make us laugh.
  • Candle 2660
    In memory of Ruth Pickard. Always in our thoughts and you would have loved to be here with us. Always thinking of you.
  • Candle 2661
    Mum and dad Miss you both so much xx
  • Candle 2662
    Miss you Dad x
  • Candle 2663
    For Pop, who we miss. With love xx
  • Candle 2664
    In Memory of Pat and Bob Hartgrove who both loved Lyme Regis
  • Candle 2691
    G- you’re always in our hearts
  • Candle 2692
    You’re always in our hearts
  • Candle 2666
    To my darling Jeff husband, father, grandfather you loved this place so we light a candle to remember the good times. Lots of Love Sue, Chris, Jamie, Matty, Sarah, Ella, Piper and Chester xxxx
  • Candle 2667
    To dearest Dad I light this candle to remember the lovely times we had all together. Lots of love Ann, Sue and John Chris Jamie Matty Sarah Ella Piper and Chester
  • Candle 2665
    You won't be forgotten, Tom. Your legacy is Oliver who is treasured.
  • Candle 2668
    For our family & friends who are lost or living. We love you all very much ❤️
  • Candle 2669
    In loving memory of Eynon Thomas
  • Candle 2670
    In loving memory of Brenda Thomas
  • Candle 2671
    In memory of Mum Dad (Betty & Jimmy) & Brother Drew much love Annie xx
  • Candle 2672
    For all our lost loved ones we hold dear to our hearts. Memories made, smiles never far away. Catherine, & family. xxx
  • Candle 2673
    In loving memory of Roy & Dot Clements, Len Clements and Olive Brian, all greatly missed.
  • Candle 2674
    Alison, we love & miss you every single day that passes. Lots of love the Preston.
  • Candle 2675
    In memory of our Dearest Mom/Nanny June, forever in our hearts and never forgotten xxxxx
  • Candle 2677
    Remembering Mum and Dad, love and missed everyday. Forever in our hearts. Neil, Jo, Luke &Dan xx
  • Candle 2676
    In memory of Cathie Northcott, who is looking down on us today xx
  • Candle 2679
    For Bea and Simon and Chloë 🙏😘xxx
  • Candle 2678
    In loving memory of our Dearest Mom & Dad / Nanny Freda & Grandad Harry forever in our hearts & never forgotten xxxxx
  • Candle 2680
    For my beautiful father David Pole, every day I miss you more
  • Candle 2684
    Maggie and Paddy XXX John and Wendy XXX WE MISS YOU X
  • Candle 2681
    For Helen
  • Candle 2682
    For John
  • Candle 2683
    To the Bromley-Harkins xxxxx
  • Candle 2685
    Love you always Ken
  • Candle 2686
    Grampops, miss you and love you. I know you would be so excited to soon be a Great Grampops and you would have been the best there ever was. Bek x
  • Candle 2687
    Nanna and Grandad, miss you and love you both. Wish you were still with us to share the news of our expected arrival. I hope you’re together and looking down watching over us. Bek x
  • Candle 2688
    Nana I will miss you so much me and you having your egg and bacon pie will always be in my memory
  • Candle 2689
    For my uncle Nigel, you are greatly missed by us all. And for my Granny, who means so much to all of us x
  • Candle 2690
    In memory of my "Sticky Sweet Gran" gone but never forgotten , love and miss you every day from Your Every Loving Granddaughter Ruth x x x
  • Candle 2693
    Mum, I can’t believe it’s been 2 months without you. I miss you so much. Love Lauren xx
  • Candle 2695
    Dear Norah & Bill, thanks for being a lovely mum & dad xxx Jonathan & Jane
  • Candle 2694
    In loving memory of our beloved Nan and Grandad, Olive and Jack Morgan who instilled their love of Lyme Regis in the next 3 generations of their family. We love and remember you always xxx
  • Candle 2696
    I love you and miss you Grandma Kit lots of love Isabelle xxx
  • Candle 2697
    Remembering my lovely dad Sid Seers xx
  • Candle 2699
    Happy memories, Freddie. My love as always xx
  • Candle 2698
    You are always in our hearts!! Miss you Mom and Dad (Bebe and Morris) sister Cyndy and stepfather Ken. We miss you. Gone to soon. Love Sonya and Debbie ❤️♥️❤️♥️
  • Candle 2700
    Dearest Wifo Pie, always in my heart ❤️. Tribal Chief
  • Candle 2702
    "THANKYOU" Dad xxx
  • Candle 2703
    Remembering so many that I’ve loved and lost none more than you my darling Bill loved forever ❤️
  • Candle 2701
    All those taken to soon forever in our hearts
  • Candle 2705
    Dad we all miss you so much and today is no different. We are by the sea in the sun which you loved. Miss you loads love always Alma,Glen,Bernie, Caroline,Chelsea and Emily.Xxxx
  • Candle 2704
    In memory of my Mum and Dad. Love Mark
  • Candle 2706
    In memory of Liz and Les Howard
  • Candle 2707
    In memory of Tony Drake taken so suddenly from all our lives Beverley and family
  • Candle 2708
    Thinking of my lovely mum, FRANCES DOREEN HALL. Love you and miss you always ❤️Love Elaine
  • Candle 2709
    For all those we’ve loved and lost, your light shines on x Sarah, Annette, Keith, Jayne, Mike, Grandpere xxx
  • Candle 2710
    Dear Grace Twinkle Twinkle little star how we wonder where you are. Loved so much Glam-ma and Grandpape XX XX
  • Candle 2714
    Mom,Dad and Paul Miss you all so much life is just not the same, we are by the Sea in the Sun thinking of holidays past and the fun we all had. Paul we light this candle to guide you home to your waiting Mom. Love always Bernie and Glen xxxx
  • Candle 2711
    For a wonderful Daddy - Lyn Butterworth
  • Candle 2712
    With love for Edward Walker- born sleeping
  • Candle 2713
    For Sylvia Mackenzie- a missed mother
  • Candle 2715
    For my mum, Pam Petitt a local hotelier who loved this town and everyone in it. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you and miss you. Keep shining bright. All our love Rach, Simon and Daniel
  • Candle 2716
    For Helen Breeze (Grandma Helen) we love and miss you
  • Candle 2717
    In loving memory of Douglas & Jean Clements. Devoted parents and grandparents. Always in our memory. Neil & Bella xxxx
  • Candle 2720
    Dad here you are where you longed to be. Home of the sailor gone back to sea. Debbie xx
  • Candle 2721
    Derek Sherwood Te tamen fallunt, semper memores, et in aevum inspirantes. Xxx
  • Candle 2718
    To all the family members lost and missed xx
  • Candle 2719
    For all the family and relatives who have lost someone dear xx
  • Candle 2722
    Grandma (Ivy Williams) forever in our hearts xx
  • Candle 2723
    Grandad (Ken Williams) forever in our hearts xx
  • Candle 2726
    In loving memory of my beautiful amazing Mum Wendy miss you always 💗 x
  • Candle 2724
    Dear Grandma, We wish you were here with us. Missing you a lot. Get well soon. All Our Love, Eloise, Miles, Charlie and Sam xxxx
  • Candle 2727
    In memory of our kind, brave and generous father, Jack Lipitch. You lit up our lives in more ways than you will ever have known. Thank you for the countless laughs and memories. We love you to the moon and back again. Love Natasha, Alex & Jill xxx
  • Candle 2725
    In memory of Graham Berthon - never forgotten
  • Candle 2728
    Dad. Thinking of you always and forever xx
  • Candle 2729
    Always in our thoughts. Love you Neil x
  • Candle 2734
    Mum, you lit up the world with your smile and love, gone too soon, always in our hearts ♥️
  • Candle 2730
    To dear mum Sheila Coleman who we sadly lost last Christmas & dad David Coleman who we lost back in 2009, always in our thoughts. Remembering the happy times we spent at the beach. Miss you both so much. Love Bev, Jayne, Steve, Nigel, Ellie & Tasha x
  • Candle 2731
    To Aunty Joan Denman taken from us suddenly last November & Uncle Dick taken from us in 1996. We will miss the love & laughter shared with us over the years, gone but not forgotten, always in our thoughts. Love Jayne, Bev, Nigel, Steve, Ellie & Tasha
  • Candle 2732
    To dad/granddad Bryan Fowler, taken suddenly from us January this year. Always in our thoughts, remembering the happy times you spent with the girls, miss you so much. Love Nigel, Jayne, Ellie & Tasha xx
  • Candle 2733
    x Pam 1/09/2013 x She sprouted love like flowers, grew a garden in her mind, & even on the darkest days, from her smile the sun still shined :-) Our dearest Mum & Nanny, we miss you so much, sending all our love & more, always & forever, xx
  • Candle 2736
    Wonderful Memories of a very special Mum and Nan - Glenda Marie Hawker nee Johns 1937-2020 with love Elaine and Stewart
  • Candle 2737
    Treasured memories of a special Nan, with love Mike and Cheryl
  • Candle 2738
    Qué será, será Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours to see Qué será, será. love Cheryl
  • Candle 2739
    Remembering my Glen, with everlasting love, your John
  • Candle 2735
    Never forgotten Mum , love always Ju, Alex , Tyrone and Tracey xxx
  • Candle 2740
    To our beloved Cole. Thank you for the time you gave us. We will miss you.
  • Candle 2741
    To our Dad,Grandad,Great Grandad Walford Jones (Flight Engineer 218Squadron Bomber Command) July 1923/April 2022.Forever loved,always our hero.xx
  • Candle 2742
    In memory of Anne Wallace Grant, an incredible Mum whose kindness, joy and laughter was infectious. She will be sorely missed by her husband Alec, daughter, Andrea and all who treasured her. ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • Candle 2751
    Lyme Regis, thanks for the memories xx
  • Candle 2743
    To Caroline, We hope you’re having the best time on your birthday. We can only imagine the party. We love you so much. Lots of Love Charley, Rosie, Annie and Stephie xx My buddy, Happy Birthday with your dad - we love & miss you so much x Rie Rie x
  • Candle 2744
    Caroline, I love and miss you so much. Happy Birthday my Darling. Lots of love, Your Raymond xxx
  • Candle 2745
    To Mum and Dad, My heart is aching for you so much but knowing you’re together again is such a comfort Love from your one and only - Rie Rie x
  • Candle 2746
    Nana and Grandad, We love you both so much. Always in hearts and forever missed. Until we see you again Lots of love your girlies, Char char, Ro Ro, Annie and Stephie (and Archie Bear of course) xx
  • Candle 2747
    Dear John We hope you are rocking happily where you are. We miss you lots…always in our hearts with love Sarah, Chloe, Paul xxxx
  • Candle 2748
    Grandie and Grandad John, missing and loving you always. Until we meet again. Lots of love, Sam (and Archie) x
  • Candle 2749
    I chose to Dedicate my candle to my Auntie Sue because I miss her and I'm thinking of her.
  • Candle 2750
    In loving memory of Denis, Doreen and David Barradell - forever in our hearts xxx
  • Candle 2752
    Dearest Pete, love always June xxx
  • Candle 2753
    Always in our thoughts Nan, love Lis, Kas & Ami xxx
  • Candle 2754
    Dearest Beng Love Always Val xxxx
  • Candle 2755
    For Bill, missed every day
  • Candle 2756
    The Angels wrote in each of the individual books of lives our babies dates of birth, then whispered every time they closed each book, 'too beautiful for this earth' xxxxx
  • Candle 2757
    You’ll forever be our Keither, we love you always from Tash and your girls xxx
  • Candle 2758
    Happy heavenly birthday Mum. Love and miss you so much. Gone but never forgotten Valerie Ashton. Love from Sophie, Ebony, Ruby and Joe xxx
  • Candle 2759
    Scott Moore, forever in our hearts. Taken too soon. Thinking of you every day xx
  • Candle 2760
    Marylin Moore. Remembering you with love x
  • Candle 2761
    Colin Pemberton. Love you dad and grampsy x
  • Candle 2762
    Kerry, another young soul taken too soon. Xx
  • Candle 2763
    Dear Daddy, I hope you are having fun in the stars. I love you and miss you always, love Honey-Rose xXx
  • Candle 2764
    My beloved son Benjamin (Bunny) I miss you so much as do all those who loved you, Joff, Liz, Daisy, James, Emma, Amber. Vicky & your gorgeous son Theo. Not a minute passes without thinking of you. With so much love Ma & Richard. RIP xx
  • Candle 2766
    For Mick, fond memories of laughter on the cobb
  • Candle 2765
    In loving memory of Mum / Nanny Karen, Always in our hearts. Love, Karina, Lew, Isaac and Belle xxxx
  • Candle 2767
    In memory of Flora Russell, miss you Mum x
  • Candle 2770
    For Uncle Mac. Happy memories.
  • Candle 2768
    To Grandpa Papa, we really miss you and wish you were here - not least to get Peach working on the house!! Lots of love Jen, Amie, Pete, Zac, Ozzy and Nixie
  • Candle 2769
    Daisy. You left a paw print on our hearts rest in peace my girl.
  • Candle 2771
    Sophie, I miss you everyday, I wish you were still here with me creating mischief and going through life together, you were taken too soon but you’ll always be my bestfriend. Love you always Marley xxx
  • Candle 2772
    In memory of my mother Judith. X
  • Candle 2773
    To Grandma, both my Grandads and Aunty Joyce. I often think about the special times we spent together and how kind you were to me . All my love, Helen x
  • Candle 2774
    To Daphne and Allen, thanks for everything. I will never forget you. All my love. Lee
  • Candle 2776
    In memory of Robert (Bob) Robins. Lived life and loved to travel. Thinking of you always Lyn, Paul & Helena.
  • Candle 2777
    In memory of Sue Hardacre. Big sister never forgotten. Love Helena.
  • Candle 2775
    For Pa, Mummy, Cazza, Wanda, Peter C and Maeve M - sending love to you. I miss you.
  • Candle 2778
    To mum and dad. Despite the years, we always think of you and love you. Wishing you could see us both now. Pauline and Adele xx
  • Candle 2779
    Grandy, Granny and Gramps. Miss you all. Look after each other. Love you xxxxx
  • Candle 2782
    Love and miss you always Dad (Geoff Read). Always in our thoughts and daily conversations. Love Nicky, Matt, India and Miller xxxx
  • Candle 2780
    I really believe you are with us all everyday Dad, your spirit lives on in all we do.. thank you for your signs of white feathers, Robins, shooting stars. We feel you are with us all. You are missed everyday. Love you from us all x
  • Candle 2781
    In loving memory of Grandma & Grandad. Love you from us all x
  • Candle 2784
    For all the friends and family we have loved that are no longer with us. Miss you all more than words can say. Much love from The Newton & Percival Families
  • Candle 2783
    Royal Marine Brian Baker. Loved his times in Lyme Regis, especially The Cobb.
  • Candle 2785
    In Loving Memory of Chris Boyland and Jane Gage
  • Candle 2786
    In memory of Si and Chloe. Who both brought so much joy into our lives. With love. Andy, Chris, Zoe, Nathan, Michelle and Pat. XX
  • Candle 2787
    In memory of my dear mum and dad, Meg and Ken Cole. Love Sian
  • Candle 2788
    For Chris
  • Candle 2789
    For DD
  • Candle 2790
    For Mum
  • Candle 2791
    For Dad
  • Candle 2792
    In loving memory of OREO, SOCK, BEIGE, WHITE and BEAR xxxxx we love and miss you so much, and so does Dave Luisa xxxx
  • Candle 2793
    Keep shining bright up there grandad. Always in our thoughts and so dearly missed. Lots of Love Chris, Kate, Ryleigh, Elsie and Freya
  • Candle 2794
    Dorothy, Jim, Myra & Michael: Always with us. Phil, Christine & Molly xxx
  • Candle 2795
    For Anne with much love from Joe Helen Tony & Catherine xxx
  • Candle 2796
    RIP Uncle Terry.
  • Candle 2797
    Remembering Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandad. Lots of love from Debbie, Adam, James, Paul, Maria and Kyriakos x
  • Candle 2799
    In memory of mum (Muriel) and dad (Tony) and dear twin (Di). I miss you all so much. Your in my thoughts from first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.
  • Candle 2798
    Roxy & Grace, forever in our hearts. Love from Emily & Evie. Xx
  • Candle 2800
    My Dear Brother John RIP 31st July 2022
  • Candle 2801
    Gina loving you always
  • Candle 2802
    For my Godmother Eileen
  • Candle 2803
    For my parents and all those close who are sadly missed but never far from my thoughts
  • Candle 2805
    MUM We love and miss you lots xxxxx Love from Martin x Marie x Love you and miss you Nan, Love Sean, George, Luisa xxx
  • Candle 2804
    For Mavis and Frank
  • Candle 2806
    Grandma, what wonderful memories you have left us with. Always in our hearts x
  • Candle 2807
    Thank you for being an amazing Aunt and Uncle . Love you both, Helen❤️
  • Candle 2808
    In loving memory of Edward and Zofia Musial
  • Candle 2809
    In loving memory of Peter Beacham, the best Dad in the world. I will miss you always, love Ellen xx
  • Candle 2810
    In memory of Tony Davey and Debbie, gone too soon. Love The Conways xx
  • Candle 2814
    Darling Jaqi forever in our thoughts love your Bro Marsha and familyxx
  • Candle 2811
    Gem Lee. I miss you. I need you. Thank-you for always being my person.
  • Candle 2812
    In loving memory of Glynn. Always in our thoughts and remembered everyday. Emma, Jim and Jacob x
  • Candle 2813
    In loving memory of my Dad. Remembered today and always with love. Emma and family x
  • Candle 2815
    For grandma Kathy and great grandad bill
  • Candle 2816
    For mah mah xx
  • Candle 2817
    For my mum and dad forever in my heart
  • Candle 2818
    Thinking of you Jim hope you are with your family, missing you Mary x
  • Candle 2819
    MUM & DAD, Love and miss you so much xxxx So many good memories of great times together! Miss the love, your funny stories Dad x and all the laughters Mum x All our love xxxxx Marie-louise, Martin, Sean, George, Luisa xxx Jeffrey, Mark, Mairead
  • Candle 2820
    Mum, too many years have passed since you left us, but you remain in our hearts
  • Candle 2821
    Granphy, just a year since you were taken from us, we think of you everyday.
  • Candle 2822
    Dad, 9 years have passed, but you are so often in our thoughts.
  • Candle 2823
    Dad, Mother and Hamish - forever in our hearts, and remembered with love always. Miranda, Tony, Rory and Nicola xx
  • Candle 2824
    For Pops, who loved this place x
  • Candle 2825
    For Ned, who would have loved this place x
  • Candle 2826
    For James and Barbara Jenney wonderful parents grandparents and now great grandparents who loved the sea
  • Candle 2827
    For Grandma, you have a left a big hole in our family. You are dearly missed by us all especially mum. I know that you are looking down on us keeping us safe and you make yourself present when we need you. Love you grandma x
  • Candle 2828
    To Mum, Mum and Dad. Always in our thoughts.Love from Steve, Nadia, Jamie, Adam and Natalie x
  • Candle 2829
    For our wonderful Dad, Tony, who died suddenly one week ago. We miss you so much. We love you forever Dad, love from Ruth, Martin, Anna, Helena, your loving wife (Mum), and your three grandsons Joe, Zac and Elliot xxxxxxx
  • Candle 2830
    In memory of my lovey Dad Tony. You are missed dearly every day. Hope you are shining down on us tonight. Love Angela, James and Bea xxx
  • Candle 2831
    In Memory of Auntie Lisa. We miss you very much. Love James and Emily
  • Candle 2832
    In memory of my Dad who I miss every day, all my love Jayne xx
  • Candle 2833
    In memory of a very special little boy Daniel, forever 7 xxx
  • Candle 2834
    For Celia, the best wife and Mum. We miss you.
  • Candle 2837
    Mother and Pa
  • Candle 2835
    Love you x
  • Candle 2836
    For Grandad Graham and Nanny Jen you are missed more and more every day. We think about you always and you will always be in our thoughts. Love you with all our hearts
  • Candle 2838
    Mum and dad love from dawn
  • Candle 2839
    In memory of Fred Blakesley
  • Candle 2840
    To my father, always in my heart and never forgotten. Love Sally
  • Candle 2841
    Miss you so much Dad but know that you are my guiding light and you will shine forever in my heart.
  • Candle 2842
    Mum & Dad xx
  • Candle 2844
    To our Dad's Jack Love and Bill Parry, you both gained your wings in 2021, we love you and miss you more than you could ever imagine, Kate and Shaun
  • Candle 2845
    To our Dad's Jack Love and Bill Parry, you both gained your wings in 2021, we love you and miss you more than you could ever imagine, Kate and Shaun
  • Candle 2843
    For Shanleys with us and in spirit, in particular our chief candle lighter Nanny G ☘️♥️
  • Candle 2846
    In memory of all who were loved
  • Candle 2847
    In memory of all who were loved
  • Candle 2848
    Always with usx
  • Candle 2849
    Miss you little man xxxx
  • Candle 2851
    In memory of Ian Bucklow
  • Candle 2852
    In memory of Jane Stamps
  • Candle 2850
    Remembering the loved ones with whom we shared so many happy times in this place. The Lammas Family
  • Candle 2853
    For our twins Dominic and Louis, always in our hearts xx
  • Candle 2854
    Remembering Nan, Ruby, Mrs Mac, who left us nearly 50 years ago and is still missed very much.. ❤️
  • Candle 2856
    Nan , Keep watching over me and let me experience the same happiness as you and Grandad . Miss you Love Christopher xx
  • Candle 2857
    Granny & Grandad I miss and love you please watch over me ❤️❤️❤️
  • Candle 2855
    In memory of James. You will always be with us and never forgotten. Rest easy Chuggy.
  • Candle 2858
    For Pappy, Claudia and all the animals that we have lost♥️♥️Xxx
  • Candle 2859
    Gill with a G x x x Thank you for the memories and your friendship.X Rest in peace and sending lots of love up there to heaven ❤️ . X
  • Candle 2860
    In memory of Colin more than you could wish for in a father in law. He was simply a father to me and such a role model for us all. Forever in our memory. Forever a loss to our hearts
  • Candle 2862
    Forever and always my baby boy
  • Candle 2863
    RIP from across the pond
  • Candle 2861
    In memory of Jacob. You will always be with us and never forgotten. Rest easy Chuggy x
  • Candle 2864
  • Candle 2865
  • Candle 2866
    Miss you loads Mum! Lots and lots of love from Ben, Becky, Mia, Evie and Jack x x x x x x x x x
  • Candle 2867
    John Morrell
  • Candle 2868
    Little Pebbles
  • Candle 2869
  • Candle 2870
    PAT GRAVES (NAN) I miss and think of you everyday Nan love you so much Becky Jane xxxxx
  • Candle 2871
    Heather Hazel & Charles
  • Candle 2872
    Hazel Heather & Charles
  • Candle 2873
    David Rattenbury
  • Candle 2874
    In memory of Sylvia and Frank Stevens, my Mum and Dad
  • Candle 2875
    In loving memory of Julia Lloyd, sleep well mum, always in our thoughts.
  • Candle 2876
    Ku pamieci Zbigniwa - kochanego taty.
  • Candle 2877
    For our little girl, Evangeline, our baby star in the sky, Mommy and Daddy love and miss you every day ♥
  • Candle 2878
    For Philly - our beautiful light.
  • Candle 2879
    Little Emma. xx
  • Candle 2881
    For Harry Love Daddy , Gem and Olive
  • Candle 2880
    For Coco and Frisby, who were the best cats in the world. I miss you guys ❤️!!!
  • Candle 2882
    Remembering all those gone too soon xxxx Tom, Hayley, Jenny & Henry ❤️
  • Candle 2883
    Matthew our Grandson. For ever in our Hearts.
  • Candle 2884
    For Mum
  • Candle 2885
    For Dad
  • Candle 2886
    For Mum
  • Candle 2887
    For Chris
  • Candle 2890
    Aunty Bee
  • Candle 2891
  • Candle 2892
  • Candle 2888
    Remembering Susan Raison - Miss you so much mum ❤️
  • Candle 2889
    Remembering fondly Dad (Claude) and Mum (Joyce) Boden, Daddykins (George) Noakes, forever in our hearts and minds ❤ ♥ ❤ Rob and Sandra
  • Candle 2893
    Miss you mum
  • Candle 2894
    Miss you mum
  • Candle 2895
    Miss you Dad
  • Candle 2896
    For Nana and Jim
  • Candle 2897
    Jackie White. We love you to the moon and back Mum / Gaga. We miss you every day. Remembering you always.
  • Candle 2898
    Love you dad missing you so much! There is a light that never goes out. Love Emily and Lauren xxx
  • Candle 2899
    Albrich strength and fragility
  • Candle 2903
    One year on and sadly missed, but remembered with a lifetime of happy memories - Ray James
  • Candle 2904
    Charlie - our furry friend for life
  • Candle 2900
    Remembering my dad (Errol Hutchinson) a very special dad and grandad. So many great memories and adventures had, we miss you very much.
  • Candle 2901
    Remembering Granny June who was a lifetime supporter of the RNLI
  • Candle 2902
    Remembering Jack Stanley who was based down here whilst training for WW2
  • Candle 2905
    For son Thomas Telfer taken 02/06/2015
  • Candle 2906
    Miss and love you lots grandad Bob xx Ellie, Joel & Niamh xx
  • Candle 2907
    In memory of Susan Williams. A wonderful wife, Mum and Granny. X
  • Candle 2908
    Love and miss you Karl Fitchett xx
  • Candle 2909
    in memory of our lovely mum sheila duffield & our lovely Dad Jimmy Duffield, we miss you both every day , love you always
  • Candle 2910
    For our lovely sister Angie Duffield , we spent many happy holidays at Lyme x we miss you every day , love you always
  • Candle 2911
    Remembering you all -x- Stephen, Carol & family -xx-
  • Candle 2912
    For Nana, love and hugs always, happy memories x
  • Candle 2913
    Hope you're having a wicked time Dad! Love from Nadine xxx
  • Candle 2915
    Dad, I think of you everyday. You are in my heart and everything I do. Love you always. Xx
  • Candle 2916
    Bill, miss you so much. Memories full of joy and laughter keep me smiling. Love you
  • Candle 2917
    Rob, such a full life but gone too young. Miss you always.
  • Candle 2914
    In memory of Grandma, Nanna Rose, Grandad, Grandad John, Auntie Linda, Auntie Pauline, this light is for you, keep shining xx
  • Candle 2918
    For Mags Scarlett a smile that’s brightened any Day xx
  • Candle 2919
    In loving memory of Grumpy Christmas
  • Candle 2920
    Gran, we all miss you everyday. We miss your voice, your face, your smile, your love. Always in our hearts. Love Tom, Jake, Becca, Cheryll, Ella, Rose, Harry, Evie, Arthur & Poppy xxxxxxxxxx
  • Candle 2921
    Thank you Arthur. Rest peacefully. Mara, Dan, Lindsey and Geoff
  • Candle 2922
    Vince- a dear, dear friend and honoury uncle. You were such a good friend to our whole family. Thank you for your friendship, love and support. We miss you. Love and Hugs Angie, David, Sarah and Simon x x x x
  • Candle 2923
    To the best Nan in the whole world. You were so good to us. We have such wonderful memories and you live on in our hearts. Miss you so much. We are so lucky you were OUR Nan. Love you heaps from your Angel and your Sunbeam x x
  • Candle 2924
    Dina - my brave, brave friend. Keep fighting! Love you to the stars and back. Love you heaps and HUGE HUGS from Sarah x x x
  • Candle 2925
    For Frank, miss you so much. All our love Claudia and all the family
  • Candle 2929
    For our dear Rhys, with love from Sarah-Jane, Jessica and Joshua xxx
  • Candle 2926
    In loving memory of a very dear Aunty Peggy xxx
  • Candle 2927
    Always in our thoughts and hearts, miss you Great Granny Dot xxx
  • Candle 2928
    In loving memory to Great Nanny Marion, we love and miss you xxx
  • Candle 2930
    Hi Nan, you will forever be in our hearts! We miss you each and every day! All our love always, your family xxx
  • Candle 2931
    Darling Daisy - so loved and so missed, shine brightly beautiful girl xx
  • Candle 2932
    Andy and Deb - no doubt partying in the stars! - loved and missed x
  • Candle 2933
    For Dear Rhys Jones, a very special young man who we always think of as smiling. Love Rodney and Jane xxx
  • Candle 2934
    In loving memory
  • Candle 2935
    In loving memory
  • Candle 2936
    In loving memory
  • Candle 2937
    In loving memory
  • Candle 2938
    To everyone we miss, from Adam, Lucy, PJ, Augustus, Athene, Niobe
  • Candle 2942
    In Loving Memory of John and Pat Heathcote
  • Candle 2941
    To Dad, Nan and Pop, Harry and loved ones always in our hearts xx
  • Candle 2939
    In memory of our beloved Maeve. Aunty Kerry, Emma & Toto. Xx
  • Candle 2940
    Remembering Ollie Purrs, Grandad and Mum, Love Steve and Sam. ❤️
  • Candle 2943
    For Reuben Fennell, a beautiful and lovely young man. May your starlight burn bright! Love Rodney and Jane xxx
  • Candle 2944
  • Candle 2945
  • Candle 2946
    mum love J
  • Candle 2947
    In loving memory of Gill from Jackie, Philip and all the family x
  • Candle 2949
    It’s been so long but only feels like yesterday that you left us xx
  • Candle 2950
    I never got to cradle you in my arms but you are forever in my heart. My beautiful babies xx
  • Candle 2948
    Cariad Mawr Nos de cariad Caru ti am byth xxxxx
  • Candle 2951
    In memory of Teresa Montague, the mum all mums aspire to be. We miss you.xx
  • Candle 2952
    Dearest Adam, you are always in my heart x
  • Candle 2955
    Miss you so much James
  • Candle 2954
    To My Papa, always in my thoughts and heart. Love you forever xx
  • Candle 2953
    Dear Jo-Mum-Granny, still cant believe your gone. We miss you deeply but know you are still here with us all. Fly high! We love you always. Colin, Jay, maddison Jo and Connor John. X x x x
  • Candle 2956
    For Grandad Derrick
  • Candle 2957
    Darling Lulu. Fondest memories of our trips to lovely Lyme. Much love brother Joe, Debs and Ava Roo xxxx
  • Candle 2959
    In loving memory of a much loved mum, dad, nanny and grandad. Always in our thoughts. xx
  • Candle 2958
    Darling Dad. Twenty five years have passed and so many things have happened., but our love for you goes on and on. Much love Brian and Debbie xxx
  • Candle 2960
    For Mary, who loved this place & spent so many years playing on this beach with her grandchildren. Loved and missed every day x x x
  • Candle 2961
    For Dad. 30 years since being together here, and now bringing the grandkids to make memories too ❤️ Loved and missed every day x
  • Candle 2962
    Gone but never forgotten, My Dad
  • Candle 2963
    Our sweet Boy, Buddy
  • Candle 2964
    Candle on the cobb for you grandpa
  • Candle 2978
    I will love you forever and always. All of you x
  • Candle 2967
    Miss you Suzi x
  • Candle 2968
    Miss you dad (Dave) x
  • Candle 2965
    For our pal Sam. We miss you dearly but will cherish the amazing moments we were fortunate enough to share with you. Big love Jo & Nick
  • Candle 2966
    My darling Dad, I miss you every day. I will cherish the lifetime of memories that we shared together. With all my love Josey Pose
  • Candle 2969
    Tony Lewis - forever missed
  • Candle 2970
    Bootsy - forever missed
  • Candle 2971
    Dear Nanna, we all miss you and you are in our hearts always & forever, lots of love from all of us xxxx
  • Candle 2972
  • Candle 2973
    Love you Dad xxxxx
  • Candle 2976
    For my dear mummy - Jean Margaret Biggs, I miss you every day. How has it been almost 20years without you? You loved candles, I hope you enjoy these from wherever you are. Love you xx
  • Candle 2975
    For Steve from Sue, Lynne, Penny and Jo - with all our love
  • Candle 2977
    For mum and dad xx
  • Candle 2979
    For Shaun & James, miss you both always xxxx
  • Candle 2989
    Robin my old mate!
  • Candle 2990
    Reggie Dave, one for the road.
  • Candle 2981
    Mamo i Tato, dziekuje za bezcenny Skarb ktory mi pozostawiliscie z mysla o mojej przyszlosci. To jedyne co mi po Was pozostalo oprocz wspomnien. Obiecuje o to dbac. Tesknie i Kocham. Miejcie nas w opiece i dodajcie sil. Krzys i Kasia.
  • Candle 2980
    Mum, missed so much by us all. Love you. Vikki and Andrew
  • Candle 2984
    Treasured memories
  • Candle 2985
    Until we meet again
  • Candle 2982
    Gramps Barnes🤍
  • Candle 2983
    Nanny Jo🤍
  • Candle 2986
    Cheers Uncle Si 🍻
  • Candle 2987
    For Grandpa Robert
  • Candle 2991
    Love you dad
  • Candle 2988
    Besos al cielo
  • Candle 2997
    For Naomi
  • Candle 2992
    Pat graves mum I will love you forever and miss you for eternity sleep easy penny anne xxx
  • Candle 2993
    To Dad - thinking of you always. love Chris, Tracey, Ella and Ben X
  • Candle 2994
    To Dad - thinking of you always. Love Tracey, Chris, Ella and Ben XX
  • Candle 2995
    Toby - fly high, shine bright! Love Chris, Tracey, Ella and Ben
  • Candle 2996
    Grandad Dave
  • Candle 2998
    Love from the Gibbs's we miss you every day Dad. Xxxx
  • Candle 2999
    For Graham Degnan, my hero
  • Candle 3000
    For Barry Dawson, much loved
  • Candle 3001
    Mum, Nana, Kay we miss you more and more every day. Always in our hearts. Love you so much xxxxx
  • Candle 3002
    To a wonderful mum and Nana. We all miss you. xxxx
  • Candle 3004
    Remembering Oliver and sending love for Clare, Andy, Louis and Poppy
  • Candle 3003
    In loving memory of Charlie Rooney. Enjoying the 9th hole in heaven
  • Candle 3005
    Happy Birthday Steve
  • Candle 3006
    In loving memory of patrick vosper miss you loads, suzanne
  • Candle 3008
    For our lovely friend Heather who loved and laughed and is greatly missed
  • Candle 3007
    For you uncle Clive...remembering all those special times and amazing Christmas' we had with you, look after grandma, grandad and dad now they are with you. We miss you all so so much. Sending all our love to you all always❤️
  • Candle 3010
    In memory of Poppy
  • Candle 3011
    In memory of Millie
  • Candle 3012
    In memory of Adrian
  • Candle 3009
    We love and miss you forever Dad. The best Grandpa Mark in the world x
  • Candle 3013
    For my Lola who I miss very much.
  • Candle 3014
    For Poss who we still cannot believe has gone.
  • Candle 3015
    For my Lola who I wish I had known for much longer
  • Candle 3016
    For James who is always in our thoughts as he recovers from his illness.
  • Candle 3018
    Love you always dad and thanks for all the advice and guidance xx💚
  • Candle 3019
    Love you miss you so much❤️
  • Candle 3020
    I miss you so much everyday Grandad you will always be my first love just like a father and daughter you were like a dad to me but you were really my grandad a I chose you as my best friend you are and will always be no1 x💚x
  • Candle 3021
    To the worlds best grandad, you taught me how to work hard and that’s something that will stay with me forever, I love you soo much and. I hope to see you again someday 💙💙
  • Candle 3022
    For a lovely man, dear Ian Swainsbury, who literally lit up the lives of all of us lucky enough to have spent time with him
  • Candle 3017
    Mum, 35 years since you left and gained your wings. Always in our thoughts. Love and miss you. Mandy and Tammy
  • Candle 3024
    In memory of the Beard
  • Candle 3023
    Thinking of you Auntie Mavis
  • Candle 3025
    Always in our thoughts and memory nothing but love Sara Folwell ❤Dad
  • Candle 3026
    Jeff love Ginny and thankyou xx
  • Candle 3027
    Shaun Happy Birthday much love xx
  • Candle 3028
    Mum wish we had had longer
  • Candle 3029
    Uncke Derek a wonderful man
  • Candle 3030
    Thinking of Heather tonight xx much live Jenny
  • Candle 3031
    Mum and Dad love you Jenny xx
  • Candle 3032
    Thinking of Heather tonight xx much live Jenny
  • Candle 3033
    Love you Mum and Dad Jenny xxx
  • Candle 3034
    In loving memory of our grandparents Francis & Valentine Burrough, George & Hilda Gay, Reg & Betty Burrough and Raymond & Gwen Quick. Gone but not forgotten. Forever in our hearts 💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️
  • Candle 3037
    To my wonderful mum miss you so much.